Name: Angus
Designation: Mystic Knight of Earth
Mystic Weapon: Terra Mace
Angus and Rohan have been friends for years, connected by their experience of both being orphans, together they strive to live day by day. Angus is infamous in the palace and surrounding villages for his tendency to steal, lie, and get into trouble. In fact, his constant presence near the palace got the young man arrested on several occasions, including the time when Rohan was in search for Tir Na Nog. Rohan managed to persuade Angus to accompany him on his quest to find the meaning of the ancient scroll. Rohan led the young outlaw to his destiny, as a member of the Mystic Knights.

Angus' Mystic Weapon is the Terra Mace. He had to earn his weapon during his quest of worth in Tir Na Nog. Angus learned he had to be loyal and honest to his fellow Knights. This meant he had to turn his back on riches in the pursuit of his weapon. As a Mystic Knight, he summons his silver-hued Mystic Armor by shouting "Earth Beneath Me!".