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Rohan (Mystic Knight of Fire)

Name: Rohan
Designation: Mystic Knight of Fire
Mystic Weapon: Sword of Kells
Rohan is the strong and dedicated leader of the Mystic Knights. Although at first he doubted his abilities or worthiness to be the forefront of Kells' most powerful fighting force, he slowly grew into his leadership role. His fighting skills allow him to strike down a dozen Temran soldiers by himself, and his fearlessness enables him to leap into battle no matter the odds. Armed with his integrity, honesty, and mighty sword, as well as backed by his trusted allies, Rohan remains the greatest warrior in Kells, perhaps of all time.

While Rohan and his friends traveled, they came across the fairy king Fin Varra. In order to obtain powers of the element of Fire, he had to defeat the Ice Lord of Temra, and upon doing so dawned the armor of the Mystic Knight of Fire. To summon his armor he shouts, “Fire within me!” Later on, he also has the ability to summon a more powerful armor by shouting, “Battle Fury!”

As a young boy, Rohan came to Kells and met the druid Cathbad. The druid took interest in Rohan soon after he saw a familiar mark on the young boy's arm. An ancient scroll told of a great warrior, named Draganta, who would be able to defeat Queen Maeve in her quest for Kells. Knowing Rohan had a destiny to fufill, he sent the young man to find Draganta. Later, Queen Maeve and her latest villain, Lugad, discovered they all bear the same mark Rohan has, signifying they are all related in blood. Rohan discovers that his mother is in fact Queen Maeve and Rohan is the prince to Temra, and the legendary warrior Draganta. With these shocking discoveries revealed Rohan did not let his family issues overpower his duties to Kells. Rohan was able to defeat Maeve in their final confrontation.