Queen Maeve
Queen Maeve is the ruthless, maniacal monarch of Temra, the nation which shares the expanse of an island with Kells. Determination fuels her will to take over Kells and has allowed her to use anything at her disposal to overthrow Conchobar and take the throne. After discovering her armies weren't strong enough to defeat Kells alone, she sought help from the Dark Fairy, Mider, to expand her magic abilities. He granted her request with a ram-head staff, and a powerful green rhinestone. With this new ability Maeve can summon creatures from the deepest areas of dark magic and send them to wreak havoc on Kells. In return, Mider asked for her help in taking over the land of Tir Na Nog.
General Torc
Torc is the dedicated leader of Temra's evil armies. Torc is a veteran soldier whose strength and strategic ability is never doubted. Years ago, Torc's alliance with Kells and a friend of Conchobar's and for an unknown reason Torc switched sides and fought for Maeve. Torc always leads Queen Meave's forces into battle against the Mystic Knights or the rest of Kells' forces. While the rest of Temra's armies fear the Mystic Knights, Torc has made it his personal mission to win the war against Kells and bring Maeve's dream of ruling to fruition and bring an end to Conchobar's reign.
Mider is the dark fairy of the Sleeves. He is bent on becoming the king of Tir-Na-Nog. It was Mider who provided Queen Meave the magical ram-head staff and later the powerful rune stone for it. In return, he asked for her help in gaining the throne of Tir-Na-Nog from Fin Varra. Mider himself has a variety of strong and dark magical powers.
Little people who work as spies for Queen Maeve.
Tyrune is the three-headed hydra of Temra. Maeve tricked Rohan into saying a druid incantation that released Tyrune from his imprisonment. This giant flying creature sometimes attacks without any warning. Often fights Pyre, as they are rival dragons. His heads can separate from its body and can attack independently.
Lugad was brought in near the end of the season. He is half human and half demon and raised primarily by the sorceress Nemain. He is the son of Maeve and the brother of Rohan. He eventually turns against Maeve to help Rohan defeat her, and leaves Kells.
The former ruler of Temra until her student Maeve took it over by force. Since that day, she dwelt in a ruined castle and was seemingly content to raise and mutate Lugad on Maeve's behalf. When Maeve retrieved Lugad, Nemain now and then aided the Mystic Knights in the disguise of an old man. When Maeve is defeated, she reveals herself and claims the silver chalice, declaring her revenge on Maeve complete. Shortly thereafter Mider proposes an alliance to take over Tir Na Nog and Kells; she tells him that she will think about it, ending the series on a cliffhanger.