Dairanger figures - Ryuuranger, Shishiranger, Tenmaranger, Kirinranger, Houhouranger, and Kibaranger. Each figure came with weapons and sold seperately.
Ryuranger figure - With metallic finish and weapon.


Aura Changer - The Dairanger's transformation buckle came with lights and sound.
Dairen Rod - The team's sidearm rod came with five different attachments.
Dai Buster - The Dairanger's laser gun sidearms came with belt, belt buckle, and badge.
Dairinkens - Two Dairinkens.
Kiba Changer - Kibaranger's transformaiton tiem came with lights and sound.
Byakkoshinken - Kibaranger's talking sword.
Super Ki-Power Bazooka - Came with five balls and light and sound.
Dairanger Helmet - Ryuuranger's helmet for role-play in the form of a bike helmet. The last of its kind.
Kibaranger Role-Play Set - Kibaranger mask with vest smock.
Ryuuseioh Play Set - Play like you are a Dairanger by sitting on top of Ryuuseioh.


Kiba Machines 1-5 - Each came with Dairanger figure, bike, and three weapons.


Deluxe Dairenoh - Five mech into one robo.
Deluxe Ryuuseioh - Ryuuranger's dragon changed into warrior form.
Heavenly Chi Palace - Four Mythical Chi Beasts came with assessories and plate.
DX Won Tiger - Kibaranger's tiger became a warrior, with light and sound.
Deluxe Dai Mugen - Tortoise had different mode and could house Won Tiger or Ryuuseioh.
Deluxe Daijinryuu - The neutral god had two modes.
Ryuuseioh - Smaller version of Ryuuseioh.
Warrior Ryuuseioh - Smaller version of Warrior Ryuuseioh with weapons.
KibaDaioh - Smaller and simpler version of KibaDaiOh.
Mythical Chi Warrior Won Tiger - Smaller version of Won Tiger warrior with Kibaranger figure.
DaiMugen Set - Smaller versions of DaiMugen, Won Tiger Warrior, and Ryuuseioh Warrior.