Flashman figures - Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green; Each figure came with weapons and sold seperately.
Flashman Set - Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green came together in this set with a red motorcycle.
Flashman figures - Set of Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow and Green could move their arms and came with two trading cards.


Prism Flash - Transformation device came with light and sound.
Prism Shooter - Sidearm sword and shield can combine. Came with belt and badge.
Rolling Vulcan - Five different weapons combine into a bazooka.


Red Flash Hawk - Bike came with unmovable Flash Red figure.


Flash King - Three vehicles become one robo with sword and shield.
Flash King Sakuracolor SR100 - Set with minature Flash King Robo.
Flash Titan - Came with Flash Titan and Titan Boy, which combined to be Great Titan. Came with Flash King Head.
Star Condor - Could open up and hold miniature vehicles.
Deluxe Star Condor - bigger base.