Flip-Head Ohranger figures - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink with actor's faces.
Ohranger figures - Red, Green, Yellow, Pink and Kingranger figures. Blue was avaliable, not pictured.
Oh Red and Ohre Bazooka - Oh Red figure with Ohre Bazooka with weapons.
Kingranger and Ohre Bazooka - Kingranger figure with black repainted Ohre Bazooka with weapons.


Power Brace - The Ohranger's transformation item went one both wrists.
King Brace - The King Ranger's transformation item went one both wrists.
King Smasher - Came with King Blaster and Battle Stick.
Big Bang Buster - The Ohranger's five weapons came together with the King Smasher.
King Stick - Kingranger's main weapon with lights and sound.
Ohrebazooka - The Ohranger's bazooka with cells.
Giant Roller - With rolling action, came with unmoveable OhRed within. Came with three Baranoia villains.
Ohranger Robo Playset - Control the Ohranger Robo and fit Ohranger action figure.


Red Jetter - Oh Red figure with motorcycle.
Green Jetter - Oh Green figure with motorcycle.
Blue Jetter - Oh Blue figure with motorcycle.
Red Jetter - Simpler version of Red Jetter.


Deluxe Ohranger Robo - Five mech into one robo. Could change helmets.
Deluxe Red Puncher - OhRed's robo.
Deluxe OhBlocker - Five mech into robo.
Deluxe Gunmajin - Turn the key on the tiki and it transforms into the legend.
Deluxe King Pyramider - transforms from pyramid to carrier.
Deluxe TackleBoy - Transforms from wheel to robo.
Ohranger Robo - Smaller version of Ohranger Robo, came with all five helmets.
King Pyramider Playset - The five Chouriki Mobiles, King Pyramider and Red Puncher.
Ohranger Robo Sets - Chouriki Mobiles came in two different sets. Together, they became Ohranger Robo.
Ohranger Robo - Smaller and simpler version of Ohranger Robo.
OhBlocker - Smaller and simpler version of OhBlocker.