* Appeared in the series
* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one appears in the series
* Another version
* Repaint/Repackaged
* Unannounced in plans
Armored Figures


* [25006] Mystic Light Knight Wolf, * [25008-25009] Mystic Light Titan Megazord - Centaurus Megazord Comes with weapons. The Megazords light up in different areas.

* *[95093] Mega Figure Set -
They don't come with their light shields. The Pink and Blue Rangers come with painted on skirt. They are more articulated than the SPD female figures. Other sets include Red and Evil Space Alien; and Yellow and Green. They are exclusive Disney Store sets.

* Crystal Action Power Rangers - Unique translucent ranger bodies that twist at the torso to reveal an unique punching action. Each ranger comes with an unique weapon. Red comes with an actual show-related weapon, first shown with the Green Ranger on the TV show.

* * [25064] Mystic Force Jenji - Pop off the poor cat genie's head and you get the red ranger's head for some reason. Includes card and magi staff.

* * Mystic Light Knight Wolf Knight Edition
Repainted Koragg, white/grey outfitted with gold and red accents. Red visor.

Armored Figures

*[25094] Legendary Battlized Knight Wolf - Knight Wolf changes into Centaurus Megazord with the armor.
* * [25024] Legendary Battlized Titan Dragon - Red Rangers turns into Titan Dragon.

* [25034] 6.5" Dragon Morphin Knight Wolf -Becomes Dark Fury Dragon.

* * * [91381] 12" Battlized Power Ranger -Red Ranger transform with lion armor. Repackaged Wild Force Battlizer. Green also available.


* Mystic Saber Max - Has three individual parts (lighting bolt, shield, and sword).

* * * Magi Staff Fury Eidtion - Exactly the same as the original Magi Staff but it is red and black.


* * [91441] Remote Control Cycle - With Red Power Ranger. 27 Megahertz.

* Cycle Blasters - Launch a small Mystic Rider in Red, Green and Yellow.


* * [25073] Steerdergon Fury Megazord (known as the Phoenix Unizord on the show) - Comes with two zords and three modes. Special Edition Phoenix Titan.


* * [90581] Mini Adventure Set -Red, Green, Yellow, Titan Megazord and a Hidiac.

* * Mystic Force Stakz Set -Each 1.5" Pink, Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue included in exclusive Disney Store set.

* * * [91526] Mini Adventure Set -Repackaged Mystic Titans

* * * [90601] Power Rangers Mystic Force Mega Vehicle Set -Includes Blue Krybot, Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Red Mystic Speeder, and Green Mystic Racer all repackaged.