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* Toy form only
* Has Japanese counterpart
* Only one appeared in the series
* Other version

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* *[2715] Deluxe Auric, the Conqueror Zord - 12" tall tiki opens to become a Warrior.
* *[2699] Deluxe Super Zeo Megazord - Five Super Zeo Zords combine to become Deluxe Super Zeo Megazord.

* *[2666] Deluxe Warrior Wheel - Spring loaded morphing action.

* *[2717] Deluxe Pyramidas - Giant gold pyramid transforms into a fortress-like Carrier Zord, or a giant attack warrior.

* [2561-2563, 2397-2599] 5.5" Action Feature Zeo Power Zords - Power Sword Action Zeo Megazord, Dual Morphin Action Pyramidas The Carrier Zord, Sword Swinging Super Zeo Megazord, 1-2 Punching Action Red Battlezord, Morphin Action Warrior Wheel, Power Cloak Action Auric The Conqueror Zord. * [2760-2763, 2340, 2462] 5.5" Evil Space Aliens - Clawing Alien (Mace Face), Drilling Digster, Missile Firing Staroid, Missile Aiming Silo, Rapid Sword Swinging Goldar, Air-Pumping Cannon Rito Revolto, 1-2-3 Punch-a-Bunch.

* *[2713] Golden Power Staff - Gold Ranger's staff, with electronic light and sounds and a push-button barrel extension. * *[2667] Zeo Cannon - 14" battery operated team weapon with Zeo crystals and holster.

* [2751-2756] Auto Morphin Zeo Rangers/ [10148] Heroes Series 4 - Zeo Rangers V/Tommy, IV/Adam, III/Rocky, II/Tanya, I/Kat, and the Gold Ranger. Heroes series packaging pictured.

Never Released Toys
Doll Assortment: Kat, Tanya, and Tommy (Not Pictured)

Only Available in Japan
Defender Wheel