Sun Vulcan figures - Each figure sold seperately. Could move arms only.
Sun Vulcan figures - VulShark, VulEagle, and VulPanther, more articulation than the other figures.
VulEagle - Came with four featureless figures of Green, Blue, Pink, and Yellow.
Sun Vulcan Set - Included VulPanther, VulEagle, VulShark, Sun Vulcan Robo, and Fuehrer Hellsaturn Mechahuman.
Sun Vulcan Belt - Belt with belt buckle and badge. Other one was available with assessories.
Sand Vulcan - Vehicle came with featureless red figures.
Deluxe Sun Vulcan Robo - Came with shield and sword.
Sun Vulcan Robo - Came with shield, sword and other assessories.
Sun Vulcan Robo - Smaller version with assessories.
Sun Vulcan Robo - Even smaller and simipler version of the robo.
Jaguar Vulcan - Fortress open up.
Cosmo Vulcan - Flying space ship.
Sun Vulcan Robo and Cosmo Vulcan - Set.

2000 to Now

Sun Vulcan Medicom Figures - VulEagle, VulShark, and VulPanther figures came with extra gloves and Vulcan Balls.
Release: Unknown
Sun Vulcan Robo statuette - Came with base and sword.
Release: Unknown
Super Sentai Robo Collection: Sun Vulcan Robo
Release: Unknown
Dark Heroes: Dark Knight - Statuette came with base and sword.
Release: Unknown