Turboranger figures - Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink and Black; Each figure came with weapons and sold seperately.
Turboranger Set - Five figures, their arms could move.
Red Turbo and villain set - Set of five figures: Wular, Dr. Rehda, Red Turbo, Zimba, and Princess Jasmin.
Super Big Pose Series: Red Turbo Figure - More articulated figure.
Fairy Sheron - Doll of the Turboranger's ally. Came with headdress, card, and assessories.


Turbo Brace - Turboranger's transformation item goes on both wrists.
Turbo Laser - Turbo Laser came with belt and badge.
V-Turbo Bazooka - Bazooka came wiht light and sound.
Turboranger Helmet - Child-sized and like a bike helmet, for role-play.
Turboranger Weapon Set - Came with GT Sword, T Hammer, J Gun, B Bowgun, and W Stick.


Turbo Attacker - Red Turbo's personal vehicle came with figure.
Mach Turbo - Avaliable in Yellow, Black, Blue, and Pink; came with bike and figure.
Turbo GT - Red Turbo's remote control-powered mecha.
Turbo Buggy - Yellow Turbo's dune buggy mecha came with assessories.


DX Turbo Robo - Five machines combined to become one.
DX Turbo Rugger - Shuttle changes to robo.
DX Turbo Builder - Turboranger's base becomes robo.
DX Super Turbo Robo - Came with six vehicles to become one robo.
Turbo Robo - Smaller version ofTurbo Robo.
Turbo Rugger - Smaller version of Turbo Rugger.
Super Sentai Robo Collection: Turbo Robo - Unknown Release in the 2000's.