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Lightspeed Rescue: Trial By Fire

Trial by Fire is an excellent Lightspeed Rescue episode and of the whole Power Rangers Series itself. The subject matter it deals with is something you could see in shows more considered more sophisticated then PR. The acting by Ron Rogge and Sean Cw Johnson was top notch. The screenplay was also well done.
Carter learned a good lesson about leadership and how you have to make hard choices. Its best to use your head and not use a weapon before you do. Like Mitchell points out you never use a blaster without knowing all the facts. You can't be reckless like Carter was in the training exercise. Civilians can get hurt.
In the mission itself Carter first thinks Mitchell ordering him not to save the child was wrong and led to him getting hurt. But Mitchell knew that there was explosives there. If the fire had been allowed to hit the explosives the kid would have died with possibly worse casualties. So Mitchell made the hard choice to order Carter to put the fire out before rescuing the young boy.
As already alluded to the scenes between Rogge and Johnson are top notch. The scene where Carter confronts Mitchell about putting the boy in jeopardy is intense and believable. Once Carter finds out the truth on his own, the two have a nice scene making amends. We see just how much faith Mitchell actually had in Carter. The hospital scenes with Carter visiting the boy were dramatic and set up the serious stakes for the episodes. Its also a good parallel for the backstory we got on Carter. The scene at the end with Carter visiting the boy when he was healthy again...Was a very touching scene.
The backstory with Carter was set up well here. With him being rescued by the mysterious stranger ( that in later episodes we learn was Mitchell himself). And it gives us great incite into Carter's drive to help people and why he became a Fighterfighter in the first place.
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