Power Rangers Wild Force
3000 years ago, in an ancient land called Animaria, an evil arose from the Earth - vile creatures known as Org. Led by the fearsome Master Org, these creatures lived only for destruction. Five mighty warriors, armed with the magical Crystal Sabers, defended Animaria against the Org. To protect Animaria as the war waged on, the warriors used the power of the Sabers to lift Animaria into the sky. Princess Shayla remained on the floating island, in a deep sleep, along with five Wild Zords, waiting for the day when they are once again needed. The warriors defeated the Org, with the help of several other Wild Zords, which would be lost over time, and imprisoned the Org deep within the Earth.

In the time that has passed, pollution has weakened the Earth, allowing the Org to slowly break free of their prisons. Princess Shayla awoke, and the Wild Zords began choosing champions who would defend the Earth as Wild Force Power Rangers. Taylor - a tough as nails fighter pilot, Danny - a soft spoken florist, Max - a wisecracking youngster, Alyssa - a kind hearted college student, and Cole - a young man raised in the wilderness in search of his true origin. The Rangers mission grew increasingly dangerous as the leader of all Orgs, Master Org returned to reunite his empire.

Throughout their adventures, the Rangers would uncover the lost Wild Zords. During times of need, new Zords were either found or appeared to the Rangers. Alyssa found the Elephant, Max was saved by the Giraffe, Taylor helped the Bears regain their true forms, Cole was saved from Master Org by the Gorilla, and found an egg which hatched into a baby Soul Bird, Danny was joined by the Rhino and Armadillo, Merrick and Shayla sang to the Deer to bring it back, and a spiritual quest revealed the Falcon to Cole.

The General Org named Nayzor opened a tomb in which Zen-Aku lay for 3,000 years. Imprisoned by the five Ancient Warriors, Zen-Aku sought revenge by destroying their successors - the Wild Force Rangers. He defeated them time and time again, wearing them down until the day he would actually destroy them. The Rangers eventually discovered that Zen-Aku was actually Merrick, the sixth Ancient Warrior who became cursed by a wolf mask he put on to gain enough power to destroy Master Org 3,000 years ago. The Rangers broke the curse, and restored Merrick to normal. Merrick's Wild Zords granted him the Lunar Caller, which he uses to morph into the Lunar Wolf Ranger. Merrick doesn't join the team, feeling guilty about his misdeeds, but helps the Rangers out when they need it.

Master Org kidnapped Princess Shayla for a ritual in which an Org heart would be created. During the ritual, Toxica and Jindrax helped the Rangers by rescuing the Princess, but Master Org was still able to create the Org heart, which gave him ultimate power. He was destroyed in the final battle by dozens of Wild Zords, who had emerged to help the powerless Rangers. Toxica and Jindrax made their peace with the Rangers and left to roam the world. Princess Shayla took the Rangers' powers back and stayed on the Animarium, while the Rangers returned to normal lives.