Gemma, Ranger Silver
Full Name: Unrevealed
Ranger Designation: Ranger Silver
Weapons: Cloud Hatchets
Gear: Sky Shift Morpher
Zords: Tiger Jet, Whale Zord
Gemma and her twin brother were captive phenoms of 'Alphabet Soup' along with Doctor K. The twins were the initial test pilots of the Ranger bio-suits. They befriend Dr. K even though she did not initially like them. When Venjix gets past Alphabet Soup and seeps into the world, the twins help get Dr. K out of the facility. They ran off to retrieve the classified Gold and Silver series bio-suits during a collapse and Doctor K believe them to be dead. They actually escaped when they morphed. Sometime later they were prisoners in a factory with other captives and met a blind woman believed to be Dillon's sister. When the Rangers were caught in a trap in Omega City, the Gold and Silver Rangers saved them and reunited with Dr. K and joined the team. Gem and Gemma finish each other's sentences and are rarely apart from each other. They are both cheery and eerily optimistic, and have a fondness of making things explode. Gemma wrote on her diary that she considered Flynn 'only a mechanic.' Flynn was discouraged because of a failure, he trashed his latest invention. Gemma saw this and decided to tweak it. After a bumpy start, they managed to create the successful Wheel Attack Zord. Gemma then considered that Flynn was more than just a mechanic. Later Flynn tried to ask her out on a date but Gem stood in the way. When Venjix took the Ranger Biofield information, he was able to delete the Mach Megazord, including Gem and Gemma. They were gone for good until Dr. K was able to bring them back, after Tenaya had put a virus into Venjix's main computer and hacked into his system. After Venjix was defeated, Gem and Gemma were recruited to the Eagle squad so they could explode all they wanted.