Summer Landsdown, Ranger Yellow
Full Name: Summer Landsdown
Ranger Designation: Ranger Yellow
Weapons: Nitro Blaster, Zip Charger
Gear: Cell Shift Morpher
Zords: Bear Crawler
Summer Landsdown is the daughter of the wealthy Landsdown family, whose symbol is the luxurious Black Diamond neckless. Summer was shallow and selfish before the Venjix virus took over, it was her birthday and her parents disappointed her by not appearing at her party. She was not only abandoned by them, but her staff and supposedly loyal friends. She reunited with her loyal butler Andrews, who practically raised her, in the desert and he told her he stuck with her in order to see her true potential. Andrews passed away before he could see it but when she arrived to Corinth and reunited with her family, she answered a distress call from a fallen pilot. She put in a paramedic jumpsuit and raced off on a motorcycle. She had found Scott when he ejected himself from his plane and safely transported him to Corinth when everyone was entering it. She made an agreement with her parents that they would leave her along for a year and she could become a Power Ranger.

When Venjix's first attack bot attacked, she was saved from an attack by Dillon and Ziggy. She thanked Dillion but he was later arrested for infiltrating Crointh. She asked the Colonel to speak to Dillon exclusively to try to figure out what was his intentions. She was the one to spearhead that he should join the Ranger team, which was not instantly accepted. Her parents returned so she would get married into a wealthy family in order for the Landsdown to become rich again since they lost all their money thanks to Venjix. Venjix was after the Black Diamond and the Rangers needed it but her father wouldn't give it to her until she was married. Tenaya, Grinders and a bot stole the necklace, interrupting the wedding and Summer's parents came to their senses, that money wasn't everything. As Ranger Yellow, she can read energy signatures and focus the flow into surges.

Summer grew closer to Dillon as time went on, always thinking of his safety. When Gem and Gemma were deleted by Venjix, Summer took it hard. When Ziggy was protecting Dr. K, Dillon in a coma, Summer fought alongside Flynn and Scott to defeat Venjix. After Venjix was defeated, Summer went along with Dillon and his sister to travel the rest of the world, to see what was out there.