Devon Deniels, Red Beast Morpher Ranger
Name: Devon Deniels
Ranger Designation: Red Beast Morpher Ranger
Arsenal: Beast-X Morpher, Beast-X Blaster, Beast-X Saber
Zords: Racer Zord
Devon Daniels is not only the son of Mayor Adam Daniels but is also an avid video gamer and brown belt in karate. His father believes he doesn’t like serious work. When he found out his father was going to Grid Battleforce, Devon copies the barcode on his father's guest pass in order to see their battle simulator. Having entered, he gets mistaken for an employee and sent to the Morphing Lab, where he witnesses Evox corrupting the system. He gets caught and tries to warn them of the virus but gets detained instead. His holding cell's door breaks down once Evox takes over the system and he finds himself in a battle. He saves Ravi Shaw from getting turned into an avatar and helps him and Zoey Reeves fight off the evil avatars. Nate forces the Red Ranger morph on Devon to give them a fighting chance. As he is now the Red Ranger, with animal DNA infused in him, Grid Battleforce takes him in. On his first day at Grid Battleforce, he is introduced to Cruise, his Beast Bot sidekick and piloted his Beast Racer Zord. He was assigned leader by Zoey and Ravi because he keeps a middle ground between the two. When Devon sees a dog, he freezes up and needs to see something else in his eyeline to be mobile again.