Shark Attack
Airdate: May 15, 1999

The Shark Brothers appear at Treacheron's cell to free him.
Trakeena appears to taunt Treacheron. He gives her a map to a silver goblet to give to Scorpius.
Trakeena does just as Treacheron had hoped, and retrieves the goblet for herself.
Treacheron appears, and prepares to destroy Trakeena.
After Treacheron defeats some Sting Wingers, the Rangers appear.
Treacheron battles the Rangers as the Sharks go after Trakeena.
As she flees, Trakeena runs into Magna Defender, who is ready to kill her.
He is stopped by the recurring chest pains, which are accompanied by a voice.
The voice is Mike, and Leo is distracted when he hears it, leaving him wide open to an attack.
The Rangers take Leo back to safety, as Treacheron plans to draw out the four remaining Rangers.
Leo stays behind to recover, while the other Rangers go back and fight Treacheron.
The Rangers find that they cannot activate the powers of the Lights without all five of them present.
Without the power, they are no match for Treacheron and the Sharks.
Leo is awakened by Mike's voice, who tells him that his friends need him.
Just as things look bad for the team, Leo appears.
To regain his honor, Treacheron challenges Leo to a battle to the death.
Leo accepts, and wins. Treacheron is destroyed.
The Shark brothers grow to fight the Rangers and avenge Treacheron's death.
The Rangers bring out the Galaxy Megazord, and find that is has been transformed by the Lights of Orion.
With new golden armor, the Galaxy Megazord easily defeats the Shark brothers.
Trakeena devises a new plan - to hire a new general that will make her a warrior.
Maya comforts Leo, and tells him that she has a feeling that Mike is still alive.
  • As Magna Defender suffers from his chest pains, an image appears in his chest plate, and Mike's voice is heard, which appears to be trying to influence Magna Defender away from evil. What connection could Mike now have with the Magna Defender?
  • Who might Trakeena have in mind as the new General?