Redemption Day
Airdate: May 22, 1999

The Scorpion Stinger gets a fuel leak, and Scorpius plans on draining energy from Terra Venture.
The Stinger blasts the passage to the mountain dome, with Leo and Maya in it, and cuts off access to it.
The Scorpion Stinger begins draining power from Terra Venture via the mountain dome.
Magna Defender seizes the opportunity, and tries to destroy the dome's core, in hopes of destroying Scorpius.
To protect the colony, the Rangers confront Magna Defender in the Galaxy Megazord.
Scorpius sends down the Freaky Tiki monster to prevent Magna Defender from destroying the dome.
Torozord has had enough, and ejects Magna Defender, refusing to help him any further.
Freaky Tiki appears, and attacks a helpless Magna Defender.
The Rangers save him, and battle the monster as Leo takes Magna Defender to safety.
Leo is attacked by Sting Wingers, and defeats them all to save Magna Defender.
Magna Defender tells Leo how he absorbed Mike's spirit to free himself from the chasm Treacheron had thrown him into.
He also tells him that he must be destroyed for Mike to be free, and attacks Leo, but Leo refuses to fight him.
Leo rejoins the team, and with the Lights, they defeat the Freaky Tiki.
Freaky Tiki grows, and the Rangers destroy him with the Galaxy Megazord.
With his monster destroyed, Scorpius aborts his plan, leaving the mountain dome's core in a highly unstable state.
The Rangers try, but they cannot withstand the flames to reach the core in time before it destroys the station.
The spirit of Magna Defender's dead son appears, and tells him what he must do. Magna Defender plans to sacrifice himself to save the station.
He locks the Rangers in a force field, as he walks through the flames, and towards the core.
Magna Defender reaches the edge of the pit, and transforms to energy, which travles into the core and stabilizes it.
With Magna Defender destroyed, Mike has been freed, and is reunited with his brother at last.
  • Although unclear before, it appears that Treacheron and Magna Defender's historic battle took place on Mirinoi.
  • Even Torozord has his honor, and refuses to endanger the lives of Terra Venture's inhabitants by helping Magna Defender destroy the core.