Destined For Greatness
Airdate: September 25, 1999

The team celebrates Mike's return, and hold a toast in honor of Magna Defender.
Scorpius' latest monster Skelecron hatches a plan to capture the Rangers to power up his warriors.
Leo considers giving Mike the Red Quasar Saber, not beleiving himself to be the chosen one.
They are interrupted by news of trouble elsewhere. They arrive and battle Sting Wingers.
As Mike and Leo fight, Skelecron uses his shield to capture four of the Rangers. leo and Mike retreat.
Mike tells Leo that he had planted his dog tag on a Sting Winger, which serves as a homing device.
Skelecron powers up his warriors using his captives. He finds Mike's dog tag and knows they are coming.
The first of Skelecron's warriors confronts Mike and Leo. After a furious battle, they defeat him.
As they make their way to Skelecron's hideout, the second warrior appears. Leo takes him out by deflecting a blast with his Quasar Saber, which causes him to drop it.
Mike picks it up to hand it to Leo, but Leo won't accept it, saying that the role of Red Ranger was meant for him. Mike declines, and convinces Leo that he has earned his position.
They finally make it to where Skelecron is holding the rest of the team.
Skelecron unleashes his final two warriors, which are easily defeated.
Leo then turns his attention to Skelecron, and blasts him with his Quasar Saber.
The blast shatters the mirrors on his shield, freeing the Rangers from the chambers.
The team transforms, and they battle Skelecron and the Sting Wingers.
Leo takes off after Skelecron, who lures him into one on one combat.
The rest of the team catches up, and attacks Skelecron using the Lights of Orion energy attack.
Skelecron grows, and traps the Galaxy Megazord in a mirror. He then proceeds to hack away at it.
As Mike watches, the spirits of Magna Defender and Zika appear, advising Mike to fulfill his destiny as the new Magna Defender.
A morpher appears on Mike's wrist, and he uses it to transform, becoming for the first time, Magna Defender. Torozord appears, ready to aid him.
Mike transforms into a giant, and Torozord transforms into Defender mode. Mike defeats Skelecron using the spin attack, setting the Rangers and the Galaxy Megazord free from the mirror.
Back on Terra Venture, Mike attempts to explain his absence to Commander Stanton, but another officer bails him out, saying that it is good to have him back, no matter what the reason for his disappearance.
  • Mike's "Magna Defender morpher" is actually the original Dairanger transformation device.
  • Terra Venture has been revealed to have travelled 5.6 light years from Earth, and there does seem to be a specific destination.
  • Commander Stanton and the other officers suspicously let Mike off easy. Could they know of his affiliation with the Power Rangers?