The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 1
Airdate: October 16, 1999

Deviot appears uninvited on the Scorpion Stinger with a proposal. He will offer Scorpius the services of his powerful Zords in exchange for being his second in command, and entering the cocoon meant for Trakeena.
On Terra Venture, Kendrix and the others in the science division try to translate the book that Leo found on the alien spacecraft. Kendrix stumbles across a page with a drawing of the tabeasts.
Deviot travels to Terra Venture, and attacks Damon and Kai. He defeats them with no problem, and takes them away to another planet.
They awaken with mind controlling shackles on. Once activated, they make the Rangers fight each other, so that their energy can power Deviot's Zords.
Kendrix shows Maya what she found - a piece of the page revealing that there are three more Galactabeasts. Maya tells Kendrix that she had been sensing that they are nearby.
Leo, Kendrix, and Maya get back to quarters, and find Kai and Damon missing. When Leo gets no response from either of their communicators, they suspect trouble, and take off.
As the two Rangers battle each other, Damon gains control long enough to hurl his sword at Deviot's machine, freeing him and Kai from the shackles.
They escape, and are cornered at the beach by Sting Wingers. The other Rangers appear just in time to save their weakened friends.
Deviot enters the fray, and Magna Defender appears to even the odds.
The Rangers do the Lights of Orion attack on Deviot.
Deviot is unharmed! He absorbed the power through his remote, and his Zords are now at full power.
He summons Stratoforce and Centaurus, two mighty Zords that attack the Rangers.
The Rangers summon the Galactazords, and Mike summons Torozord.
The Zords aren't responding - what's going on?
The Galactazords refuse to fight their own kind, and as a result, get easily wrecked by Deviot's Zords.
With the Rangers' Zords on the ropes, Deviot calls off his Zords, and sends them back to Zenith.
Deviot's performance convinces Scorpius to accept his deal. He shall have the cocoon's powers if he destroys the Rangers.
Kendrix and Maya struggle to translate the Galaxy book, hoping to find a way to defeat Deviot's powerful Zords. To be continued..
  • It doesn't make sense that Kai and Damon fighting would power up Deviot's Zords. The energy they expend fighting is obviously going into their movement, attacks, friction, etc. Having them run in a hamster wheel would probably have made more sense.
  • Trakeena's wherebaouts are still unknown...
  • Where did Deviot come from? Is the rift into the Lost Galaxy still open?