The Lost Galactabeasts, Part 2
Airdate: October 22, 1999

Deviot summons the Hardtochoke monster, and gives him the remote that controls his evil Zords to go and destroy Terra Venture with.
Hardtochoke arrives on the station, and summons the Stratoforce and Centaurus Megazords, which begin demolishing all buildings in sight.
Maya chats with the Galactabeasts, and tries to convince them to fight the evil Zords to protect the people, and themselves.
Mike dispatches the Terra Venture armed forces. He finds Kendrix in the science division, trying to translate the Galaxy book.
On their way to battle the Zords on the Astro Cycles, Leo, Kai, and Damon are ambushed by Sting Wingers. Damon and Kai hold them back, and Leo continues.
The Galactabeasts have arrived on the scene. They try to hold off the evil Zords, but are getting badly beaten.
When Leo falls into a trap set up by Sting Wingers, Maya and Mike appear to free him, and battle more Sting Wingers as Leo continues his mission.
Kendrix has finally decoded a page, which reveals that Deviot's evil Zords are actually the three lost Galactabeasts. She takes off to warn the Rangers.
As Leo charges to attack the Zords, Kendrix intervenes, and tells him that they are really Galactbeasts, and that's why their beasts won't fight them.
The team confronts Deviot and Hardtochoke on a rooftop, where they are controlling the Zords. Deviot reveals the story of how he acquired these Zords.
The Rangers attack Hardtochoke, and Leo manages to grab the remote, but the monster quickly destroys it.
The Rangers activate the Lights of Orion, and blast Hardtochoke with their special attack.
Hardtochoke grows. The Rangers call on their Zords, and Torozord is struck with a crippling blow from the monster.
Stratoforce and Centaurus proceed to thoroughly trash the Galaxy Megazord, while the Rangers try to convince the Zords that they're not evil.
The plan worked - Stratoforce and Centaurus are good again! Their faces change as well, revealing more pleasant demeanors.
The two Zords turn to Hardtochoke, and attack him with their special weapons - a cannon, and a boomerang.
Even Zenith joins in on the fun, blasting away at the poor Hardtochoke.
With Hardtochoke on the ropes, Galaxy Megazord finishes the job with a good slash from its saber.
Deviot is not happy about losing his Zords. He plots to kill Scorpius, take the powers of the cocoon, and take his place on the throne.
Commander Stanton gives the crew a pep talk. Terra Venture is now 14 light years away, and there is no turning back now.
  • The story of the Galactabeasts is revealed. Nearly 3,000 years ago (sound familiar?), after a fierce battle, the Rhino, Phoenix, and Shark Galactabeasts drifted powerless and dormant through space, until Deviot captured them, and rebuilt them into his own evil Zords.
  • Kendrix noticed the Galaxy book glowing - what other secrets could it hold?