Memories Of Mirinoi
Airdate: October 26, 1999

Maya is shocked to come across her best friend from Mirinoi, Shondra. She explains to Maya how she escaped Mirinoi by entering a rift in space which led her to Terra Venture.
Maya gives her friend a tour of the place, and introduces her to Kendrix, who decides to host a special dinner for her that night. Shondra suspiciously eyes the Galaxy book.
Gratuitous Shondra shot.
Gratutitous Maya shot.
Shondra and Maya waste time hanging around, literally, and remembering old times on Mirinoi.
Meanwhile, poor Kendrix sulks, because they never made it to the dinner she prepared.
Later that night, Shondra sneaks away, but she is spotted by Kendrix, who pretends to still be asleep.
She meets up with Trakeena, and is revealed to be Rykon, who is out to steal the Galaxy book.
Rykon sneaks into the GSA, and shows her true form. As she tries to grab the book, the alarm goes off, and she flees, but not before getting shot in the leg by a security guard.
Rykon turns back into Shondra, and sneaks back into the quarters. Kendrix still has her eye on her, and notices her limping into bed.
The next morning, Kendrix tells Maya that someone tried to steal the Galaxy book, and Shondra is her top suspect. Maya is offended by this, and leaves.
Maya follows Shondra to the GSA, and finds her fleeing the scene of a heist, with the Galaxy book in hand! A major cat fight quickly ensues.
Rykon transforms, and so does Maya, then the real fight begins.
The rest of the team shows up, and take Rykon down with the Lights.
Rykon grows into a giant, and the Rangers call on the Galaxy Megazord.
When that isn't enough, they bring out the Stratoforce Megazord.
A good solid slash with the powered up Galaxy Megazord saber finishes off Rykon.
Maya sits in a tree, thinking about the real Shondra. Kendrix appears, and the two friends make up.
  • Although I appreciate Maya's outfit as much as the next guy, I can't help but wonder why they don't get her into some real clothes already.
  • Two forced appearances - Magna Defender and Centaurus.
  • Doesn't Shondra look like Shannon Elizabeth of American Pie ?
  • If Kai and Kendrix's meal really looks like Mirinoid (Mirinite?) home cooking, then I've gotta give those savages some credit.
  • Maya saving a cat from a tree - there's your lightspeed rescue!
  • I half expected a replay of the "men going gaga" scene from Stolen Beauty as Shondra walked down the streets of Terra Venture.
  • On an unrelated subject, Archie Kao made a brief appearance on tonight's episode of ABC's Once and Again.