Green Courage
Airdate: October 27, 1999

Damon has a chance encounter with High Commander Renier, when she drops some documents, and he picks them up for her.
The Scorpion Stinger is caught in the path of an exploding planet, and is hit with debris, penetraiting the hull, and damaging the engine.
Trakeena sends down Cannonbrawl and some Sting Wingers to abduct Renier for her to keep as a hostage.
Damon battles the monster, but cannot prevent the Sting Wingers from escaping with the High Commander.
Trakeena sends a message - they are to send their best mechanic if they want to see the High Commander again.
Damon volunteers, and he is taken to the Scorpion Stinger by Mike and Leo in a heliship.
He is taken to the ship's engine, which appears to be partly organic, and begins the repairs.
Leo has snuck aboard the Scorpion Stinger. He battles some Sting Wingers and rescues High Commander Renier.
Damon finishes his repairs, but Trakeena doesn't keep her end of the bargain, refusing to let either him or Renier free.
As Villamax appears and reports that Renier has escaped, more meteors hit, putting the lights out long enough for Damon to escape.
Damon radios Mike, and he brings the heliship in towards the Scorpion Stinger to pick up his teamates and the High Commander.
Damon finds Leo and Renier, only to be attacked by Cannonbrawl. Damon holds him off while Leo and Renier board the heliship.
With some help from Renier, Damon manages to take Cannonbrawl down long enough to escape to the heliship, and everyone leaves for the station.
Cannonbrawl teleports to Terra Venture, and tries to blast the incoming heliship, but is immediately attacked by Magna Defender.
Everyone appears, and Damon gives Cannonbrawl a solo Orion one-two.
This only makes their problem bigger, as Cannonbrawl grows.
The Rangers call on the Stratoforce and Galaxy Megazords. Cannonbrawl is taken down with a slash from the Orion powered Galaxy Megazord.
Much to Damon and Leo's surprise, High Commander Renier awards them with medals of honor, for their bravery in rescuing her.
  • Why was the heliship coming in from the sky? How did Mike get to fight the monster while the heliship was still in the sky? First of all, there wasn't enough time for him to get there, and secondly, how could he leave the ship with Renier on board to see him? Leo and Damon appeared only seconds later. Everyone must have just jumped off the ship and let Renier land it, which I doubt she would find appropriate.
  • "Bones" Henderson? - "I'm a mechanic, not a doctor!"
  • Is "Green Courage" the best they could do for a title?
  • What was up with Leo's line - "there's Terra Venture! We're home!" They had always been just outside of the station, well within its line of sight.
  • Damon should have taken the opportunity to plant a bomb in the Scorpion Stinger's engine, which they could detonate remotely.