Mean Wheels Mantis
Airdate: October 29, 1999

Maya tries to teach Leo to understand the Galactabeasts, by listening with his heart, but he just can't get it.
Trakeena sends down Motor Mantis, a motorcycle riding maniac, to terrorize Terra Venture.
Pink and Yellow Rangers appear and confront the Mantis, but he strikes back, turning the girl Rangers into golden trophies.
The other Rangers appear on their Astro Cycles, and Mantis strikes a deal - beat him in a race, and he will turn Maya and Kendrix back to normal.
Mantis takes off, and the Rangers have no choice but to follow, thus beginning the race.
A few traps take Kai and Damon down, and Leo is the last one left racing Motor Mantis.
Mantis blasts Leo, and turbo boosts, cheating his way to the finish line first. Leo pounds the pavement in anger.
Damon looks over the wrecks. Only the Red Astro Cycle will be operational in time, and it will be next morning.
The Lion Galactbeast calls out to Leo. He manages to understand the beast, and learns that his Astro Cycle is capable of more than he thought.
The next morning, Leo sneaks off on his Astro Cycle, and demands a rematch with the Mantis, putting his Quasar Saber on the line this time.
Motor Mantis accepts, and the two agree to race a lap around Terra Venture. Mantis is his usual cheating self, attacking Leo during the race. He takes a huge lead over the Red Ranger, who struggles to keep up.
Leo focuses, and remembers what the Lion Galactabeast told him. A gesture and a command later, the Astro Cycle is transformed into a Capsular Cycle, which easily overtakes Mantis, making Leo the winner.
When the sore loser refuses to revert Maya and Kendrix back to normal, Leo attacks him with the Capsular Cycle, using its fireball mode.
With Mantis KO'd, Maya and Kendrix change back from trophies to normal. Kai and Damon soon appear, and congratulate Leo.
Mantis rishes from the flames, and emerges as a giant.
The Galaxy Megazord finishes him off with a Condor missile.
Leo tells Maya how he was able to understand the Lion Galactabeast, which she quickly dismisses as luck.
Pumped up by their latest battle, the boys decide to do a little racing, as the girls cheer them on.
  • Valerie Vernon is clearly no longer in the series - that was definitely a double for her in the infamous "back of the head" shots.
  • Oddly enough, Power Rangers in Space had the Astro Megazord and Galaxy Gliders, and Lost Galaxy has the Galaxy Megazord, and Astro Cycles.
  • I'm surprised Villamax had no problem with Deviot pushing his buddy Kegler to the floor.
  • The Ranger Girl trophies were repaints of the action figures.