A Red Romance
Airdate: November 02, 1999

Leo saves a girl named Ginger from a biking accident. The sparks immediately fly between them.
He meets her brother Colby, an overprotective dirt bike enthusiast, who lets Leo ride his bike.
Trakeena sends down Miranda, who can capture people in her amulet. She grabs a hold of a few people at the plaza, including Ginger.
Leo finds Ginger in danger, and tries to defeat Miranda, but fails. Miranda escapes with Ginger and a few other captives.
When Leo breaks the news to Colby, he explodes in a fit of rage, calling Leo a coward for not protecting Ginger, and he storms off to find Miranda.
Colby plays Power Ranger, donning a colorful biking outfit, and tracks down Miranda. He finds her, and tries in vain to beat her.
Leo shows up to help, and takes a nasty hit meant for Colby. Miranda has had her fun, and leaves.
Leo morphs and goes after Miranda. The rest of the team joins him and prepares for battle.
Miranda has her own calvary - she summons a group of Sting Wingers.
Leo manages to snatch Miranda's amulet during battle.
Miranda brings out her secret weapon - a snake cycle!
The Rangers unsuccessfully launch an Orion attack at the monster.
Enter Colby - he feels that Ginger is his responsibility, and tries to take on Miranda once again, on wheels.
Leo brings out the Capsular Cycle and takes off after Miranda to save Colby. He launches a fireball attack, demolishing her bike.
Leo sets everyone Miranda captured free from the amulet, including Ginger.
Miranda grows, and when the Rangers call on the Galaxy Megazord, she transports it to another dimension.
Centaurus shows up to lend a hand, and gives Galaxy Megazord a chance to destroy Miranda with an Orion slash.
Colby later apologizes to Mike for calling him a coward, and the two shake hands and make their peace.
  • The infamous warehouse district - it's as if it was built specifically as a battle ground for monsters, luring them away from the good parts!
  • Pretty suggestive dialogue for Power Rangers:
    • Colby: Wanna take her for a test drive?
      Leo: !?!
      Colby: The bike!
    Colby should have said the whole thing - "Not my sister, the bike!"
  • What makes Miranda so evil? She traps people in her amulet. Wow, that sure is evil!