The Chameliac Warrior
Airdate: November 03, 1999

While jogging in the woods, Mike stumbles across Villamax and Kegler, who are building a device. He snatches up a disk that Kegler drops.
He transforms when confronted by Chameliac, who easily defeats Magna Defender by duplicating his weapon and fighting techniques.
By the time the Rangers get to the scene, Chameliac is gone, and Magna Defender is badly hurt. They take him back to the Megaship to recover.
Chameliac reports back to Trakeena. He accesses her database and analyzes each Ranger. He can now duplicate any Ranger move and weapon.
On their way to the construction site, the Rangers run into Chameliac. He puts his analysis to the test.
One by one, Chameliac defeats each Ranger by using their specific moves and weapons against them.
He even duplicates the Lights of Orion, and launches a devastating attack at the heroes, taking them down for the count.
The beat up Rangers recover in the woods, devising a plan to battle Chameliac - switch fighting styles.
Chameliac vs Rangers, round two. The Rangers confuse Chameliac by using each others signature fighting styles.
With Chameliac dazed, Leo deals the final blow - a fireball mode attack from the Capsular Cycle.
Chameliac is down, but not out - he turns into a giant. The Rangers summon the Galactabeasts.
On the Megaship, Mike discovers from Kegler's disc that they are building a laser to fire at the Galactabeasts.
As the Galactabeasts come to the rescue, Villamax sets them in the laser's sights, ready to fire.
Magna Defender appears just in time, blasting away at the villains, and then at the laser, destroying it.
The Galactabeasts arrive safely and transform into the Zords. They combine into the Galaxy Megazord and face Chameliac, who duplicates the Galaxy Megazord Saber, and begins the duel.
Stratoforce shows up, and when Chameliac brings out a duplicate of its boomerang, Stratoforce deals him a major surprise by bringing out the Centaurus cannon and blasting him.
Once again, Chameliac becomes dazed, and Galaxy Megazord takes the chance to finish him off with a powered up Orion slash.
As Mike and Leo jog through the woods, the Lion Galactbeast shows up gives the brothers his thanks for saving him and his buddies.
  • Why bother summoning the Astro Cycle only to have it transform into the Capsular Cycle? Summoning the Capsular Cycle alone would suffice.
  • Blatant censorship of all face scratching during those fight scenes. Can't have the kiddies imitate that.
  • Looks like Valerie Vernon isn't gone yet - she's back for this ep, and who knows for how many more.
  • No Galactabeasts were harmed during the filming of this episode.