The Power Of Pink
Airdate: November 05, 1999

The Galaxy Rangers show the Galactabeasts to their new friends, the Space Rangers. Cassie goofs around on top of the Wildcat.
Psycho Pink regains consciousness on the Scorpion Stinger, and rebels against Trakeena. She leaves for Terra Venture to find Kendrix.
As Kendrix reads about the Savage Sword in the Galaxy book, Psycho Pink appears from the screen and reads her mind, discovering the Sword's power and location.
Kendrix takes off after Psycho Pink, and runs into Cassie. The two morph and head for the planet Rashon, to prevent Psycho Pink from getting the Savage Sword.
Kendrix radios the Rangers for assistance, but they are held back by the appearance of Deviot, Villamax, and some Sting Wingers.
Psycho Pink arrives at the location of the Savage Sword, and pulls it from the stone just as the Pink Rangers arrive.
She attacks Cassie and Kendrix, who are no match for the sword's power. Psycho Pink uses the sword to absorb Cassie's energy, and heals wounds from her previous battle.
Cassie demorphs, and her Astro Morpher falls off. Psycho Pink sees the chance for great power, and stabs the fallen morpher with her sword, creating a furious storm of pink energy.
The energy from the storm engulfs the planet, and eventually reaches Terra Venture, threatening to destroy it.
With the storm endangering the station, and Psycho Pink's succesful retrieval of the sword, Deviot and Villamax retreat.
Using the energy absorbed from the Pink Astro Morpher, Psycho Pink tunrs into her monster form, and grows.
The Rangers waste no time, and the Galaxy Megazord arrives on the planet, soon joined by the Astro Megazord.
To save Cassie from her pain, and Terra Venture from destruction, Kendrix charges into the storm after the Savage Sword.
The two Megazords finish off Psycho Pink with a powered up slash from each of their swords.
Kendrix makes it to the eye of the storm, and destroys the Savage Sword. The backlash from the blast disintegrates Kendrix, but her sacrifice ends the storm.
The Rangers arrive, but they are too late. As the storm fades away, they are greeted by Kendrix's spirit, who tells them she will always be with them. The Pink Quasar Saber flies off into the sky.
Cassie picks up her Astro Morpher, repaired by Kendrix as a final gift to her fellow Pink Ranger.
The time has come for the Space Rangers to leave. They say their goodbyes, and fly off on their Galaxy Gliders.
  • First Mike's apparent death, then Magna Defender, and now Kendrix. Lost Galaxy has a pretty high death rate.
  • A possible scenario on how the Space Rangers got to Terra Venture - they came in the NASADA shuttle, allowing the Astro Megazord to be formed onace again, and left on the Gliders, leaving the shuttle with the Megaship so that the Rangers can use the Astro Megazord from now on.
  • What is this mission the Space Rangers keep referring to?