Protect The Quasar Saber
Airdate: November 08, 1999

The Pink Quasar Saber finds it way to the planet Gwynit, where it is found by alien with profit on his mind.
Maya has a dream in which Kendrix' spirit tells her that the Pink Quasar Saber has fallen into the wrong hands.
The Rangers travel to Gwynit to find the Saber. They believe to be interrogating the alien who found it, but it is actually Deviot in disguise, who tells them the Saber is on Karasa.
The Saber is actually on Onyx, where it is being auctioned off. Astronema appears and bids one million. Being short on cash, she decides to steal it instead, and no one tries to stop her.
That is, until Trakeena appears and exposes "Astronema" as Karone, a traitor who turned to the side of good. Villamax attacks her for the Saber.
Karone holds her own with the Saber, enough to allow her to escape the tavern with her life, and the Saber.
On Karasa, the Rangers find a fake Quasar Saber, and a bomb with their name on it. They are then attacked by Deviot and a monster.
From outof nowhere, a Quasar Saber comes flying through the sky and strikes down the gruesome twosome.
It's Karone! She's made it Karasa to help the Rangers and return the Pink Quasar Saber to Leo.
Trakeena won't give up so easily. She appears on Karasa with Villamax and another monster.
As the Rangers are kept busy by the others, Karone and Trakeena go one on one atop the cliffs. Trakeena is too powerful, and ends up throwing the former Princess of evil off the cliff.
As Karone falls, she is saved by the spirit of Kendrix. Kendrix makes a Transmorpher appear on Karone's wrist, and tells her that she will become the new Pink Ranger.
Karone joins her friends, morphed as the Pink Ranger.
Scorpion command retreats, leaving behind a monster.
The Rangers destroy the monster with an Orion attack. Surprisingly, the monster doesn't grow - he's dead!
But alas, there is already a full grown monster on Terra Venture! Time to bring out the heavy artillery.
Centaurus and Galaxy Megazords destroy the monster with their signature moves.
Karone is shown her new quarters, and everyone celebrates with one of Kai's gourmet meals.
  • It's becoming more and more apparent that Zordon's wave didn't destroy all evil in this universe - at the Onyx Tavern there were a bunch of villains from the Rangers' universe. One possible explanation is that just before the countdown to destruction (or even way before), many villains fled to the lost galaxy, out of the reach of Zordon's wave, and eventually returned to the "normal" universe after all evil was wiped out in it. That would explain how villains from the lost galaxy and the mainstream universe have knowledge of each other, and how they still exist in this universe.
  • It would be nice to have seen exactly how Karone travelled from planet to planet, and how and why she separated from the Space Rangers.
  • "Galactabeasts, over here!" - classic..