Enter The Lost Galaxy
Airdate: November 11, 1999

Two GSA scientists recite part of a chant decoded from the Galaxy book. This causes the book to send a massive surge of energy throughout the station.
A shooting object lands on Terra Venture. It appears that the power released by the book has drawn a mysterious stranger.
The stranger disguises himself as a Terra Venture engineer, and sneaks into the room holding the book. Before grabbing it, he is found and apprehended by security.
At his cell, the stranger reveals to Kai that he is the guardian of the book, and tells him he knows he's Blue Ranger, and must follow his destiny and bring him the Galaxy book
When Kai returns later with food for the Guardian, he finds out that he can't survive in a human environment, and has become very ill. Kai sneaks him out in the food cart.
The Guardian tells Kai to bring him the book. They arrange to meet in the mountain dome, and the Guardian gives Kai five crystals, should he ever need them.
Kai retrieves the book from the GSA lab, and takes it to the mountain dome on his Blue Astro Cycle.
When he arrives, he gets attacked by Deviot, who is after the powers of the Galaxy book.
The Guardian appears and saves Kai from Deviot's wrath. In his weakened state, however, he is no match for the devious bot.
The Guardian falls, mortally wounded by Deviot's blast. As he dies in Kai's arms, he passes on to him the role of guardian.
Deviot opens the Galaxy book and recites the full chant, transforming him, and giving him incredible new power.
The Rangers show up, and power up with Orion. Even so, they still cannot beat the new and improved Deviot.
Kai gives each Ranger one of the crystals. They use them to summon the Galaxy Quasar Launchers, and fire at Deviot.
The blast does not harm Deviot, it only makes him grow. The Rangers call on their Galactabeasts and form the Galaxy Megazord.
Centaurus and Stratoforce get in on the action, and they join together to form a whirlwind energy attack against Deviot.
The Galaxy Megazord finishes off the job with a super charged slash from the Orion enhanced Saber.
The Rangers rush to the book, and find it still crackling with energy. It engulfs the entire station.
We're not in Kansas anymore.. The Galaxy book has transported Terra Venture into the lost galaxy!
  • The Guardian comes to get the book back, he fails, Deviot gains powers, and the book transports the station into a lost galaxy. Is it just me or was the Guardian's appearance more harmful than helpful? He could see the future, couldn't he see this?
  • Believing in destiny, and stealing from the GSA. Straight-laced soldier Kai is full of surprises, and has truly learned to follow his instincts.
  • The frequent switching of Sentai and US footage got so distracting in the fight against Deviot.
  • The crystal gimmick was completely useless. First of all, they already had the Quasar Launcher, and secondly, it may well have been the Lights of Orion that made them "Galaxy" Quasar Sabers. There was no need for the crystals.
  • Stanton was more concerned with why this man was trying to steal the book than with where he came from. I don't think he even realized he was talking to an alien. Did the Guardian bring fake papers too?
  • For being such an unimaginable power, it seemed too easy for the Rangers to beat Deviot.
  • By the way, exactly how do you lose a galaxy?
  • Ah, where's Magna Defender when you need him?...