Until Sunset
Airdate: November 16, 1999

Leo and Damon are caught sneaking around on Mutiny's planet, and are being chased by Deviot, Barbarax, and some Swabbies.
The villains catch up with the two Rangers and throw them off a ledge, defeating them. They are chained up on wooden stakes, in the hot sun.
Barbarax has to stop Deviot from shooting them - Mutiny wants to kill them himself, and at sunset. The villains leave to allow the Rangers to "enjoy" their final moments.
Damon and Leo roast in hot sun. It turns out neither of them told their friends where they would be. To pass the time, the two reminisce on their Ranger adventures.
..They recall the time they pulled the Quasar Sabers from the stone.
..Magna Defender's arrival, when he saved Leo from an explosion.
..Their destruction of Scorpius.
..The death of Kendrix.
The sun has set, and Mutiny shows up, right on time, ready to slice and dice the two heat exhausted Rangers.
Kai, Maya, and Karone fly in on their Jammers, take out Mutiny, and free their teammates.
Leo and Damon take off their shackles and morph - it's payback time!
Mutiny and his crew retreat, although they leave a monster as a parting gift.
Leo straps on his armor, and becomes the Red Armored Ranger.
Using the armor's built in computerized targeting system, he takes aim.
The monster is blown to smithereens. He hardly even put up a fight.
Tired and thirsty, Leo and Damon pal around deliriously as they head home.
  • Some great lines in this ep- from Damon's Magna Defender impression - "I don't have time for you, I'm on a mission!", to their confession of finding Trakeena cute.
  • Why does Leo have a feeling he will see Kendrix again? Although he probably will, I don't see why he would find it so likely for someone to come back from the dead. Unless he plans to search for the Dragon Balls to wish her back.
  • Damon and Leo didn't even try to morph. I find it hard to believe that they couldn't press the buttons on their Transmorphers the way their hands were tied.
  • And finally - WHO CARES ABOUT NASCAR RACING THE MOVIE?? I don't care if it's four days, or four years away. NOBODY CARES, ENOUGH WITH THE BLURBS!