Dream Battle
Airdate: November 17, 1999

Damon helps a beauty named Teri when her car breaks down.
Mutiny's newest recruit, Hexuba, sets her plan in motion.
Damon receives a bouquet of flowers. When he smells them, he is immediately put to sleep.
He has a vivid nightmare of falling off a cliff and crashing his Jet Jammer to the ground.
When Leo finds Damon's Jammer damaged for real, he knows something is up. He calls the guys, and rushes back when no one answers.
Kai waltzes in and picks up the bouquet. He smells the flowers, and in no time he is in la-la land with Damon, battling some pretty tough Swabbies.
Surprise surprise, Maya and Karone find flowers at their doorstep. Being girls, the smell them right away, and out they go, right on the floor.
They find themselves in the dream world, and are greeted by a beat up Kai thrown to the ground right at their feet by oncoming Swabbies.
Leo brings his big bro in on this mystery, and the two doofuses end up smelling the flowers too. They realize what happened, and fight the sleepiness to go and find Hexuba.
Leo gives in to the sleepiness, and dozes off in the hallway. He is now in the dream world, fighting alongside his friends. Alone and sleepy, Mike struggles to find Hexuba.
The dream world is a little more dangerous now, with the introduction of a monster into the mix.
A groggy Mike stumbles to Hexuba's lair, and deflects her attack back at her, wiping out her dream spell.
With the dream spell lifted, the Rangers are now back in full swing. Damon especially, who single-handedly destroys the monster.
Well, destroyed until he grows that is. The Rangers call forth the "dream" Galaxy Megazord, or whatever it is.
That's not all, Centaurus must have been snoozing as well!
A quick swipe of the blade, and the monster is toast.
Hexuba gets crap from Mutiny for not beating the Rangers, and she vows to destroy them next time.
Teri visits Damon to give him flowers, which he throws away in fear. She's offended, but the girls cover for him.
  • There was great potential for this dream episode. Once the spell was broken, they could have realized they could control the dream, and go all out with some wacky Matrix-type stuff. Did they even realize that their summoning the Zords was all part of them controlling the dream? If you believe, it can happen.
  • There was an episode of VR Troopers called Dream Battle.
  • That's such a shame that Maya and Karone are surprised to find flowers at their doorstep. I would think they'd get flowers every single day from just about every guy on the station. And Maya's "of course they're for me" - what was up with that?
  • I wish Mike had run into Stanton while "under the influence". "What are you on, soldier?!"
  • Looks like Centaurus thinks he's Red Battlezord or something.
  • Again, they called Centaurus Stratoforce. Let's get these Galactabeasts some name tags. (Not only for that, but in case they get lost again).