Hexuba's Graveyard
Airdate: November 18, 1999

In a floating graveyard in space, Hexuba tells Mutiny of her perfect new plan - she will resurrect dead monsters to battle the Rangers.
Freaky Tiki is the first monster to return, and he appears on Terra Venture and battles Leo, who finshes him off with a Saber slash.
The Rangers join Leo, when a second monster appears. Leo takes him out with a powered up Quasar Launcher.
Now a third monster attacks, and the Rangers destroy him with the Transdagger star formation.
Mike joins the team, and Kai announces his plan. Everyone else stays to defend the colony, while Kai tracks the source of the monsters.
Kai takes off in his Jet Jammer, and follows the trail of the monster spirits flying to Terra Venture.
The Rangers are now on their fourth monster, Destruxo. Leo destroys him with a quick strike from his saber.
Magna Defender has his own trouble, as he fights monster number five, who he kills with his Magna Blaster.
Leo takes the sixth monster out for a spin, and roasts him with some Quasar fire power.
Mike fights his namesake's arch enemy, Treacheron, and sends him back to the grave with the Magna Blaster.
The team splits up for the next two monsters. Leo and Maya fight and destroy the eighth resurrected monster.
Kai finds the source at Hexuba's graveyard. The scurvy sorceress holds him in an energy beam.
But Kai successfully destroys her crystal ball, making the graveyard explode.
Damon and Karone face off against the ninth one, Hardtochoke. They are joined by Mike, Leo, and Maya.
By the time they get to the tenth monster, the Rangers are exhausted, and barely able to put up a fight. Luckily, Kai gets back in time to take this monster down himself.
With her graveyard destroyed, and her spell broken, Hexuba takes drastic measures. Powered by the dead monsters' powers, she goes to Terra Venture to battle the Rangers.
Leo goes Red Armored, and blasts Hexuba with his lasers.
This makes Hexuba grow, and she takes on Megazord and Torozord.
When the two primary Zords are downed, Centaurus and Stratoforce arrive and help out the team. This gives Galaxy Megazord the chance to recover and destroy Hexuba.
Stanton, Renier, Mike, and Kai attend an emergency meeting, in which it is revealed that Terra Venture's fuel reserves have been tainted, with only days left until a complete shutdown.
  • Leo destroyed four of the ten monsters, and Hexuba before she grew. Can't they give anyone else a chance once in a while?
  • The eighth monster was never shown to be destroyed, only knocked against a tree by Leo and Maya.
  • This ep was a great showcase for several Ranger weapons and moves, including a few new ones like the Quasar Saber staff mode attack, and Kai's Quasar Saber power up.
  • Wow, didn't expect to see Treacheron back! That was a nice cameo, too bad he didn't stick around.
  • First of all, why is there a monster graveyard? Secondly, why is it in the Lost Galaxy? Maybe this is the "Hell" monsters go to when they die.
  • Why didn't Mike recognize Hexuba? He fought her just one ep back.
  • If only Hexuba had resurrected the Psycho Rangers - we could have kissed our heroes goodbye.