Escape The Lost Galaxy
Airdate: December 03, 1999

Barbarax leads the latest assault on Terra Venture, capturing slaves for Mutiny's camp.
The Rangers arrive, but they are too late, Barbarax has made off with a batch of new slaves.
The Rangers struggle to come up with a way to end these abductions. Mike thinks of a plan. On Barbarax' next round up, he gets himself captured to infiltrate the slave camp, and get its location.
When an old man is threatened to dig up more treasure, Mike gives him his. This gets him into trouble, but a girl named Haley sticks up for him. She reveals herself to be the old man's granddaughter.
Leo and Kai brainstorm to find a way out the lost galaxy. Leo suggests they read to Keonta spell backwards. Kai does so, and the book becomes energized and flies off into space.
It worked! The book has re-opened the rift in space leading back to their universe. Stanton sees it, and orders Terra Venture full speed towards the wormhole.
Mike and Haley escape from the slave camp, and plot to free everyone. Mike calls the Rangers and arranges for them to meet him there in half an hour.
They fight some Swabbies, steal the keys, and break everyone out. The slaves all escape to the Megaship, but Haley and Mike must return to get her grandfather.
After freeing the old man, they are confronted by Barbarax. Mike morphs in front of Haley and her grandfather and holds him off while they escape.
With all of the slaves on board, the Rangers take the Megaship away. Mutiny spots them, and prepares to open fire.
Mike appears and blasts him in the back. Mutiny fires at him with his arm cannon, knocking him down a hill, and powering him down. Mutiny and Deviot leave him for dead, and head for the castle to go after Terra Venture.
An unconcious Mike is awakened by the spirit of Magna Defender. He tells him that his job is not done, and he must summon all of his inner strength to get back up and go save the colony - his greatest mission lies ahead.
Terra Venture is not moving fast enough, and the wormhole begins to close before they can make it.
In charges Torozord - he stands at the entrance of the wormhole and holds it open. The pressure is too much, and he explodes.
Mike and Torozord's sacrifice bought the station enough time to make it through the wormhole, and back to the normal universe.
Something has followed them! Mutiny's castle comes out of the wormhole, and is greeted by the Scorpion Stinger. Trakeena attacks and destroys the castle and its crew.
Leo scouts the area on his Jet Jammer for any signs of Mike. He finds him unconscious, drifting in space, and takes him back to the station.
As Mike recovers in bed, he finds that his Magna powers are gone. The spirit of Magna Defender appears once more, and tells him that he has carried on the legend with honor.
  • Terra Venture's tainted fuel supply sure showed in this episode, as the station crawled towards the wormhole.
  • The sizes were completely inconsistent. The wormhole was about the size of Torozord when he held it open, yet it was about the size of Terra Venture when it went through it.
  • Yeah that was real nice, Mike drifting in space. I suppose space, along with Earth's moon, has a breathable atmosphere in the future.
  • Mike had such a great chance:
    • Haley: Who are you?
      Mike: Defender, Magna Defender.
  • That was so sweet to see Trakeena in the Scorpion Stinger destroy Mutniy and his castle so ruthlessly and effortlessly. So much for the lost galaxy slave trade.