Journey's End, Part 1
Airdate: December 16, 1999

Deviot returns to the Scorpion Stinger, begging Trakeena to take him back. She isn't falling for his charm this time, and sicks Villamax on him.
The battle leads to the storage area, where Deviot grabs Trakeena and plunges into the coccoon with her. Villamax helplessly watches.
A single being emerges. Trakeena and Deviot have fused into one! It is mostly Trakeena, with a few shades of Deviot, including the echo in the voice, the gauntlet, and the "dreadlocks".
With only one good engine left, Stanton decides that that the colony must land. He shows high command, and the citizens, a new, nearby world he has discovered, prefect for human life.
As Terra Venture prepares to land, it is attacked by the Scorpion Stinger. It blasts away at the lesser domes.
Leo gets an idea. He and Damon steal a case of explosives from a Terra Venture cargo truck.
Damon lures the Scorpion Stinger into following him as he runs down one of the access tubes.
The Stinger's pinchers nearly miss Damon, as he wonders why he is always the bait.
Leo sneaks up on a pincher and plants the explosive on it. Both Rangers make tracks as it counts down.
The bomb blows up in the Stinger's face, hurling it off into space, away from the colony.
With all engines destroyed, Terra Venture is forced to crash land on a moon. The main city dome detaches, as the rest is destroyed.
The citizens of the colony try to pick up the pieces from the crash. But they aren't safe yet - the dome is cracking.
The dome won't hold out much longer, and the city is nearly in ruins. The ship is dying, and Commander Stanton makes a command decision to evacuate Terra Venture.
Trakeena prepares her Sting Wingers for a massive invasion. Each Winger has explosives strapped to it. Hordes of them will self destruct and destroy anything they latch onto.
Everyone is rounded up into shuttles to begin evacuation to the new world.
Trakeena gleefully watches as Terra Venture nears its doom.
  • Who is the dominant personality in the fusion of Trakeena and Deviot? It appears to be Trakeena, but it would be interesting if Deviot were the one in control, and no one knew it.
  • It was so incredibly easy for Trakeena to nearly destroy Terra Venture. Why didn't she do this sooner? It's surprising that it took Deviot's sinister influence to come up with the simple plan of just firing at Terra Venture, and particularly, at its engines.
  • I really had a problem with Sting Wingers flying through space.
  • Commander Stanton revealed that Terra Venture has been travelling for 212 days.
  • Villamax does not seem too thrilled with Trakeena's plans. I wonder if this will come into play later.
  • This episode was filled with great special effects, from the Scorpion Stinger chasing Green Ranger, to Terra Venture crashing into the moon.