Journey's End, Part 2
Airdate: December 17, 1999

Stratoforce and Centaurus stand guard as the Sting Wingers approach the colony. The onslaught is too much, as they overwhelm the Zords, and slip by into the colony.
The Rangers face the army of incoming Sting Wingers, and fight them with everything they've got. The Wingers' strategy of latching onto Rangers and exploding is wearing them down fast.
Vilamax watches in disgrace as Trakeena sends her soldiers to their own deaths, and to harm innocent people no less.
Villamax saves a little girl from the wreckage of a demolished building. She gives him a flower, which moves the honorable warrior.
Outside the dome, the Megazords are destroyed, as the numerous Wingers self-destruct while latched onto them.
Battered and beaten, the Rangers regroup after an exhausting triumph over all remaining Sting Wingers.
Terra Venture has successfully completed evacuation procedures. Several shuttles carrying passengers head for the new world.
Trakeena orders Villamax to open fire on the shuttles, but he refuses, saying there is no honor in such a brutal and pointless assault.
Enraged with his insubordination, she ruthlessly attacks and kills him. Kegler hardly has a chance to mourn, and is threatened back into service.
Villamax's sacrifice gave the Rangers enough time to bring around the Astro Megaship and open fire on the Scorpion Stinger.
The Stinger rams the Astro Megaship, and grabs it in its pinchers, causing severe damage.
The Rangers have no choice but to have the ship self-destruct, and escape on the Jammers.
The Rangers just barely clear the explosion, but it sends Alpha and Leo hurlinginto space.
The explosion sends the Stinger reeling, and it crash lands on the moon, near the city dome.
The shuttles have safely made it to the new world, and the passengers rejoice, including Bulk and the Professor.
The Rangers land on the new world, and find Alpha crash landed in some bushes. No sign of Leo however.
Leo has crashed onto the moon, near the Scorpion Stinger and the city dome. He tries to radio his teammates, but he is out of range.
Trakeena staggers around in the wreckage of the Scorpion Stinger. She makes it to the storage chamber, and prepares to enter the coccoon.
  • Where were the Galactabeasts?
  • Why not use the Lights of Orion?
  • I had a feeling Villamax wouldn't go through with this. His honor wouldn't allow it. His betrayal reminded me of Dinobot's betrayal on the Nemesis in Beast Wars.
  • Strange that the coccoon is still good for another go-around.
  • The next to last episode, and Bulk finally makes the credits.
  • The "previously on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy" recaps are so poorly done. They show clips of episodes that have no relevance to this episode. They have been much worse in the past, showing clips of events that contributed little or nothing the overall story.