*Appeared in the series
*Toy form only
*Has Japanese counterpart
*Only one appeared in the series
*Another version

**[3059] Deluxe Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster - each one comes with a 4" metallized figure.
*[2955-2956] 5" Turbo Zords - Artillatron and Rescue Megazord.
*[2953-2954] 5" X-Ray Turbo Zords - clear Turbo Megazord and Robo Racer.

**[3072] Divatox's Sub Micro Playset - includes micro Divatox and Putra Pod figures.
*[3071] Turbo Megazord Micro Playset - includes micro Rangers and Carts.

**[3066] Turbine Laser - team weapon, firepower on wheels.
**[3060] Turbo Rangers Garage Playset - with exclusive Lerigot figure. Japanese version did not include Lerigot.

**[3047] Deluxe Double Morphing Rescue Megazord - five Rescue Zords combine or transform individually.
**[3045] Deluxe Artillatron The Turbo Transport - transports other Turbo Zords.

*[2981-2987] 8" Repeat Action Turbo Rangers - multiple chop or punch action. Punching Action Red, Blue and Pink Rangers, Chopping Action Green and Yellow Rangers, Quick Aim Action Blue Senturion and Phantom Ranger.

**[3040] Turbo Navigator - morphs from tracker to gun.
*[3073] Real Metal Turbo Vehicles - die-cast cars. Red Lightning, Mountain Blaster, Robo Racer, Lightning Cruiser, Storm Blaster

*[2994-2998] 5" Triple Action Turbo Rangers - can perform multiple action features.

*[2796] 5" Turbo Shifter Phantom Ranger Moving Chest Plate and Fold Out Armor!

*[2791-2795] 5" Turbo Shifters - heads flip to morph from person to Ranger. Justin/Blue, Kat/Pink, Tommy/Red, Tanya/Yellow, and Adam/Green.

*[2772-2775] 5" Evil Space Aliens - Hammeron (accidently named flipped), Divatox, Visceron [not evil], Amphibitor.

Never Released Toys

Maligore and Terrorsaur (No Picture)