High Five
Airdate: September 07, 1993

Jason is climbing the rope at the Youth Center.
Trini however is afraid of heights and isn't about to climb that thing.
Bulk attempts to climb the rope, but falls - bringing the ceiling with him.
Billy shows the Rangers his new communicators.
But somehow, the communicators tap into the Command Center's teleportation unit.
The Power Rangers are instantly teleported to the Command Center.
Meanwhile, Rita plans to trap the Rangers in a timewarp, like she did Zordon.
She then demands Finster to make her a monster.
Into the Monstermatic, out comes Bones.
Rita's device opens up a timewarp downtown Angel Grove.
The Rangers are sent to find out what Rita is up to, when they are intercepted by Putties.
Billy gets surrounded by a Putty on the edge of a cliff.
Trini has to overcome her fear of heights to climb to Billy's rescue.
After Billy drops his Power Morpher, Trini comes to help just in time.
It's Morphing Time!
The Power Rangers are warped into Rita's timewarp.
The Power Rangers find themselves in another dimension.
They are forced to battle against Bones.
Meanwhile, Baboo and Squat plan to blow up the device, so the Rangers are trapped there.
The Yellow Ranger throws Bones' head down a cavern, which finally destroys him once and for all.
Rita sends a giant to battle with the Power Rangers.
The Red Ranger summons the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord.
The Tyrannosaurus is able to destroy the Giant.
Later at the Youth Center, Ernie mentions five heroes who call themselves the Power Rangers.
Zack scares Trini into climbing the rope.
It seems as though Trini has completely overcome her fear of heights.
  • It's kind of weird that the device Rita uses to open the timewarp looks like the spaceshuttle that the astronauts came in.
  • When Rita first sends the Giant to Earth, you can see her Palace behind him when he appears in the city.
  • The teleportation unit must be tied into the Morphing Grid.