Episode 1: Beasts Unleashed

Scientists tap into the Morphin Grid, providing the city of Coral Harbor with an unlimited source of clean energy called Morph-X. In order to protect it, the organization Grid Battleforce selects three teenage cadets to form a new team of Power Rangers to defend the Grid from evil. But an evil sentient computer virus, Evox, corrupts the technology and incapacitates two of the cadets, creating evil Ranger avatars in their place. Now a trespasser and a laundry girl must team up with the last standing cadet to stop Evox and save the world.

Episode 2: Evox's Revenge

Evox, Blaze and Roxy are transported to the Cyber Dimension where they join forces with the ruler Scrozzle and his army of Tronics. The avatars and Scrozzle prepare to gather as much Morph-X as they can in order to send Evox back to Earth. When Grid Battleforce's Commander needs to select a leader for the team, Zoey and Ravi fight over who should get the job whilst Devon is more focused on the new technology that Nate has created for them. During their first battle, the rangers develop serious problems; Devon freezes up on seeing a dog, Ravi goes on a rampage and Zoey loses her energy. Now they must figure out where these flaws came from and how to get past them before Scrozzle sends a Gigadrone to the city.

Episode 3: End of the Road

In a bid to save a forest from being torn down to make way for a new highway, Zoey tries to convince the citizens of Coral Harbor, with help from her journalist mother, to use Morph-X powered bikes instead of cars, but Blaze uses this opportunity to execute an evil plan. As a result of their efforts to stop Blaze, Zoey's X-Bikes gets unexpected publicity.

Episode 4: Digital Deception

It's Valentine's Day, and Ravi is shocked when the evil Roxy comes to his rescue and wonders if there may still be good left in her, unaware that she actually wants to turn him into an evil avatar like herself. Scrozzle discovers a way to free Evox from the Cyber Dimension. Nate secretly sends Valentine flowers to Zoey.

Episode 5: Taking Care of Business

Devon finds it difficult to balance a new job at a car wash that he took to impress his dad and the duties of being the Red Power Ranger. Nate asks the Rangers to collect Gigadrone debris for study. Devon saves the city but is fired from his job at the car wash. However, he holds out hope that one day his father will know the truth.

Episode 6: Hangar Heist

Whilst Nate hopes to develop new technology from a captured Gigadrone, simulation failures on a new Zord configuration are diagnosed as Devon struggling with fully trusting his team. Evox sends Roxy and a Robotron to reactivate the stolen Gigadrone. In the face of overwhelming odds and the destruction of their base, The Rangers must reaffirm their bonds of trust if they are to have any hope of forming their secret weapon; the Beast-X Megazord.

Episode 7: A Friend Indeed

Evox targets the Beast Bots to stop the Beast Morphers Rangers from forming their Megazord. The Rangers learn not to take their Beast Bots for granted. Scrozzle finally reveals his plan to Blaze and Roxy.

Episode 8: The Cybergate Opens

Scrozzle executes his plan to finally free Evox from the Cyber Dimension and the Beast Morphers Rangers, along with an unexpected friend must do everything in their power to stop him. Blaze and Roxy kidnap Nate and force him to build a robot body for Evox. The Gold and Silver Rangers make their debut.

Episode 9: Silver Sacrifice

When Evox's new plan targets one of their own, the Beast Morphers Rangers must band together to save them. After General Burke orders Steel to be deactivated to prevent Evox from using his body, the Rangers disobey orders and set out to destroy the Cybergate once and for all. The Wrecker and Jet Zords make their debut.

Episode 10: Thrills And Drills

Ravi must face one of his worst fears when it interferes with his Ranger duties. To try and find a way to counter their enemies abilities, Evox sends Blaze and Roxy to collect data on the Rangers' beast powers, promising to upgrade his "strongest servant".

Episode 11: Tools of the Betrayed

Nate creates a Gigadrone Early Warning System which will give Grid Battleforce advanced notice, but requires detectors to be installed across the city. When Zoey tells an innocent lie to cover for Ben and Betty, it leads to a break in trust between her and Devon. Meanwhile, Roxy sets out to collect another beast power with a Robotron which dismantles technology. Nate and Steel form the Striker Megazord for the first time.

Episode 12: Real Steel

When Nate and Steel unexpectedly clash, it leads to double trouble for the team. Blaze sends a Robotron which is capable of becoming anyone to infiltrate Grid Battleforce and cripple the Rangers systems. Will anyone realize there's an extra person wandering around Grid Battleforce before its too late?

Episode 13: Tuba Triumph

After witnessing a boy being bullied for his choice in musical instruments, Ravi takes him under his wing. Roxy attempts to collect the last beast power by creating a Robotron that will deafen anyone with its sound wave blasts. Ravi reflects on the fact his mother refuses to allow him any hobbies as she believes they will distract him from his duties as Blue Ranger.

Episode 14: Sound and Fury

After Blaze discovers Scrozzle possesses 4 unique energy crystals called Fury Cells, he uses one to massively enhance his Robotron's destructive power, which means The Rangers' skills are put to the test. Meanwhile Megan, a tech at Grid Battleforce, is so determined to get Nate's job in the lab that she blackmails Zoey after seeing her and Nate meeting at the movies, despite the meeting being pure coincidence. She then sabotages Nate's experiment with the Red Cheetah Beast Claws. Nate and Steel manage to capture one of the 4 Fury Cells, and use it as the basis of a new mode for Devon to fight back with.

Episode 15: Seeing Red

Devon becomes hooked on his new Red Fury Mode powers, even using them to stop a bank robber, but the drain on the Fury Cells means he must steal them from Blaze and Roxy. Unbeknownst to him, the Cells have unexpected side effects as the technology slowly turns him evil. Evox schemes to turn the Red Ranger evil forever, while Roxy obtains the final beast power.

Episode 16: Gorilla Art

Looking for Ravi in the Stasis-Chamber room, Smash accidentally discovers Ravi's closely guarded secret: he paints. Afraid that his mother will also learn his secret, Ravi deletes a small part of Smash's memory, but when the others discover the Beast Bot's inexplicable and overwhelming urge to paint, he keeps quiet. Scrozzle's early creation, Vargoyle, who was corrupted by Fury Cells and left his master, enters the picture and becomes part of Evox's army. After collecting a significant amount of Morph-X, he earns the Beast Power Upgrade as a reward, much to Blaze and Roxy's ire.

Episode 17: Ranger Reveal

When movie star Nikki Rev comes to town, the Power Rangers' secret identities are unexpectedly threatened when a camera accidentally films them morphing during a fight with Vargoyle. Now Zoey must stop her mother from making a huge mistake. Meanwhile, Blaze and Roxy come up with a new plan to free Evox from the Cyber Dimension, but Vargoyle steals their plan and passes it off as his own.

Episode 18: Rewriting History

Steel must find a way to save his friends and the city after Vargoyle creates a device that brainwashes the other Rangers into thinking that Blaze and Roxy are the true Red and Yellow Beast Morphers Rangers. Meanwhile, Blaze and Roxy take action to get rid of Vargoyle once and for all.

Episode 19: Target: Tower

Evox and his minions begin to execute their final plan of stealing an entire Morph-X tower. Ravi defies his mother's orders in a desperate bid to save the real Roxy by destroying her avatar once and for all. Blaze activates the stolen teleporters, resulting in both the Morph X tower and Devon being transported to the Cyber Dimension. Mayor Daniels witnesses this, finally discovering his son's secret.

Episode 20: Evox: Upgraded

Confronting the Commander about his recent discovery, Mayor Daniels is told the truth about the Rangers' true identities, and joins them in their mission to travel into the Cyber Dimension to save Devon and defeat Evox. As Evox assumes physical form and prepares to return to Earth, Zoey decides that they need a new Megazord combination unseen before to have the best chance, so Nate and Steel reveal their secret configuration: The Beast-X Ultrazord.

Halloween Special: Hypnotic Halloween

Devon must save his friends after Scrozzle hypnotizes the other Beast Morphers Rangers into believing that they are the characters they dressed up as for Halloween. Meanwhile, a fork-themed Robotron attempts to hijack a Morph-X tanker truck.

Christmas Special: Scrozzle's Revenge

When Scrozzle traps the Rangers inside Christmas ornaments, Steel and the other Beast Bots must save both the Rangers and the city.