A Pressing Engagement
Airdate: September 09, 1993

Jason must lift weights 1,010 times in order to beat the record.
But it's easy for Ernie to get distracted and lose count.
Kimberly is blowing a huge bubble with her gum.
When Zack just happens to come by on his skateboard and loses control.
He crashes into Kimberly and gum goes into both of their faces.
Rita plans to get Jason away from the others, and asks Finster to create her a monster.
Jason is harassed by Bulk, who currently has the weight lifting record.
Zordon alerts the other Rangers that Rita has sent a monster.
Jason, Zack, and Kimberly morph into action.
The King Spinx uses his wings to blow away the competition.
The Pink Ranger gets blow away from the battle.
As does the Black Ranger.
Zack and Kimberly get blown all the way back to the Youth Center.
The Red Ranger is left to fight King Sphinx by himself.
King Sphinx flies Jason to the desert, where they must fight alone.
To make matters worse, Goldar joins in on the fight, and the Red Ranger is outmatched.
As if things couldn't get any worse, Rita makes Goldar and the King Sphinx grow.
Meanwhile in the Command Center, Zordon has the other Power Rangers summon their Power Crystals.
Zordon sends the Power Crystals to Jason through his Power Sword.
The other Power Rangers are teleported through Power Crystals to help Jason.
The Rangers form the Megazord to take down the Goldar and King Sphinx.
The Megazord uses the Power Sword to destroy King Spinx, and Goldar retreats.
Rita is enraged by yet another failure from her minions.
Jason tries again and is finally able to break the record.
Ernie brings in a cake to celebrate Jason's victory.
Bulk and Skull end up wearing the cake.
  • When Rita made Goldar and King Sphinx grow, why did he just run around on the ground rather than summoning the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord?
  • Alpha 5 sleeps with a stuffed teddybear. I didn't even know robots needed sleep.
  • Is there ever a cake that Bulk and Skull doesn't end up wearing?