Different Drum
Airdate: September 10, 1993

Kimberly is teaching her dance class at the Youth Center.
Billy trips on to Ernie's cart and ends up rolling into the middle of the class.
Kimberly tells Billy this isn't the way to meet girls.
Kimberly tries to encourage Melissa who is having problems with the dance steps, because she's deaf.
Meanwhile, Zack challenges Bulk to dance competition.
Bulk insists that he can do anything Zack can do.
Zack shows off his stylish moves on the dance floor.
Bulk barely pulls it off, but needs Skull's help moving afterwards.
Zack shows off by doing a handstand on the Juice Bar.
Bulk tries to do the same, but ends up falling into the food behind the counter.
Rita demands Finster to make her a monster that can control people with his music.
The Gnarly Gnome uses his accordian to put some girls under his spell, but Melissa isn't effected, because she can't hear it.
The Gnarly Gnome brings the girls to a cave in the woods.
Melissa runs to get help to rescue her friends.
Melissa leads the Rangers to the cave, where the girls are being held.
The Power Rangers engage in battle against the Gnarly Gnome with the Power Blaster.
The Gnarly Gnome is overpowered and defeated.
Rita makes the Gnarly Gnome grow with her wand.
The Rangers form the Megazord to take him on.
The Gnarly Gnome uses his music in an attempt put the Rangers under his spell.
But he is unsuccessful, and the Megazord takes him down.
The Megazord uses the Power Sword to destroy the Gnarly Gnome.
The Ranger teens and Melissa and rescue the girls from the cave.
Rita yells at her minions for failing again.
The Rangers celebrate their victory by relaxing at the Juice Bar.
Meanwhile, Melissa finally teaches Billy how to dance.
  • There's a lot of dancing in this episode.
  • Another episode where Bulk ends up with food in his face.
  • The Rangers for some reason use alternate weapon names in this episode. Power Bow is Battle Bow, Power Daggers are Dino Daggers, Power Lance is Mighty Mace, and Power Axe is Cosmic Cannon.