Big Sisters
Airdate: September 11, 1993

Kimberly and Trini are looking for Maria, who they are babysitting for a big sister program.
They find her, but she is causing trouble by turning off the hot water.
Kimberly and Trini ask Maria why she did that, and she admits she just wanted attention.
Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa attempts to obtain the legendary Power Eggs.
Squat tries to approach the chest, but is zapped by some sort of force field. Only a child can open the chest.
Rita has Finster create the Chunky Chicken to do her bidding.
While, the girls are having a picnic, the Putties show up and capture Maria.
Kimberly and Trini inform the others, but communication and teleportation to the Command Center is down.
Billy brings the Rangers to his garage, where he presents his new invention - the Radbug.
The Rangers use the Radbug to reach the Command Center through the air.
The Radbug arrives at the Command Center.
Zordon explains to the Rangers the legend of the Power Eggs.
Millions of years ago, ancient sorcerors called the Morphing Masters, hid a universal power within two mystic Power Eggs.
By casting the eggs into the sea, the sorcerors believed their ancestors would protect them from danger.
Goldar uses Maria to open the chest and obtain the Power Eggs.
Goldar and the other minions are on their way to bring the Power Eggs to Rita.
The Rangers are coming in the Radbug to take them by surprise.
The Power Rangers blast the Power Eggs from Goldar's grasp.
The chest with the Power Eggs are blasted into the sea and begin to float away.
The Rangers fight Goldar to prevent him from going after the eggs.
The Chunky Chicken is ready to cut Maria's rope to send her plummeting to her doom.
Rita Repulsa demands that the Rangers give her the Power Eggs if they want to save Maria.
But the Power Rangers arrive in the Megazord to save her in time.
The Megazord lowers Maria down to the Radbug, which is programmed to take her to safety.
The Megazord defeats the now giant Chunky Chicken.
Later at the Youth Center, people watch the news as they announce another victory for the Power Rangers.
  • As powerful as the Power Eggs are, I'm surprised they are never mentioned again. Maybe in Mystic Force. It'd also be nice to have a reference to the Morphing Masters.
  • Wow did they ever do a horrible job with Maria's voice. All of her lines were obviously voiced over by someone who probably wasn't even the same actress.
  • This time Bulk randomly gets chilli dumped on him at the end of the episode. They couldn't go one episode without Bulk wearing food, could they?