I, Eye Guy - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

I, Eye Guy
Airdate: September 14, 1993

The Rangers test out Willy's new virtual reality invention for the science fair.
On the way to the science fair, the Rangers and Willy are attacked by the Putties who are after Willy's invention.
Fortunately they are able to defeat the Putties and make it to science fair. Billy helps Willy set things up.
Meanwhile, Finster brings to life the Eye Guy.
Bulk and Skull show up to stir up trouble.
The Rangers teach them a lesson by throwing them into one of the other kid's inventions.
Bulk and Skull come out of the invention all dressed as girls.
The judge of the science fair is enraged and disqualifies Willy for interfering with others' inventions.
Billy tries to explain that it's not Willy's fault, but the judge won't hear of it.
Willy hangs out by lake, depressed about being disqualified.
The Eye Guy's main eye shows up and captures Willy.
Inside the main eye, Willy is imprisoned in another dimension.
The Rangers are alerted of the situation by Zordon.
The Power Rangers morph into action and battle against the Eye Guy.
They form the Power Blaster in an attempt to finish the job.
Unfortunately, the Eye Guy just reassembles itself.
Zordon alerts the Rangers that the main eye is the source of the Eye Guy.
The Blue Ranger takes the main eye down with the Power Lance.
This immoblizes the Eye Guy.
Rita uses her magic wand to make the Eye Guy grow.
The Rangers form the Megazord to engage in battle against the Eye Guy.
The Megazord uses the Power Sword to take out the main eye and destroy the Eye Guy once and for all.
The Power Rangers come to Willy's rescue.
The teens and Willy return to find Ernie and judge testing out Willy's invention.
The judge has decided that he was too harsh on Willy and has given his invention first prize.
Bulk and Skull return for their clothes, but it appears that they have been shrunk.
  • When Bulk and Skull return for their clothes, they are wearing towels. Are we to believe that those were the only clothes they had?
  • That's a pretty sophisticated virtual reality system. Too bad we still don't have anything remotely as good 12 years later.
  • There is a scene when the villains talk about how Eye Guy used to go around kidnapping people as if it were a long time ago. Although, the kid was wearing modern clothing.