For Whom The Bell Trolls
Airdate: September 15, 1993

Ms. Applebee announces that is Hobby Week at Angel Grove High.
Trini shows off her doll collection, and shows everyone her favorite - Mr. Ticklesneezer.
Jason shows off his martial arts skills.
Zack shows how much he likes to surf on Ms. Applebee's desk.
Kimberly shows off her gymnastic abilities.
Billy shows everyone his homemade volcano.
Bulk insists on bothering Billy and Trini, when he accidently activates the volcano in his face.
Trini puts her dolls away before going to bed.
Rita sends Squat to bring Mr. Ticklesneezer to life.
Rita demands that Mr. Ticklesneezer collects the Rangers or she'll change him back.
Billy and Trini are looking for Mr. Ticklesneezer, and are surprised when they find him.
Mr. Ticklesneezer captures them in his bottle for his collection.
The Rangers watch as Billy and Trini are trapped inside.
Zordon informs the other Rangers of Mr. Ticklesneezer collecting things from all over the city.
The Rangers morph into action to fight Goldar and the Putties.
The Pink Ranger gets a hold of Mr. Ticklesneezer's bottle.
She then opens it and frees Billy and Trini.
Billy and Trini morph into action.
Rita makes Mr. Ticklesneezer grow, and he uses his bottle to capture the Rangers in the Megazord.
The Rangers call upon the Power Sword to knock them free of Mr. Ticklesneezer's bottle.
The Rangers threaten to bottle Rita up from their Megazord.
Rita and her henchmen retreat back to the moon.
The Yellow Ranger demands Mr. Ticklesneezer to return all of the things he bottled up.
Trini wakes up to find out it was all a dream.
The next day at school, Bulk and Skull show their hobbies - a flee circus. But where are the flees?
Ms. Applebee begins itching like crazy. I guess she found the flees. Everyone laughs.
  • I don't know what the point was of making this episode a dream. The plot wasn't any more ridiculous than some of the other plots.
  • When Mr. Ticklesneezer is collecting things for his bottle, is that the Eiffel Tower in California?
  • Why is that while Mr. Ticklesneezer captured many things in his bottle, you always only saw one thing in the bottle? I thought maybe it just showed the last thing, but there were other things captured after Billy and Trini's car, and that was still the only thing shown in the bottle.