Happy Birthday, Zack - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Happy Birthday, Zack
Airdate: September 16, 1993

The teens all prepare for Zack's surprise birthday party.
Ernie has some problems with Billy's cake mix machine.
Ernie suggests getting the Power Rangers to make an appearence. The teens say that they heard the Rangers were aliens.
Trouble shows up to crash the party, and Bulk is sent flying into the balloons.
While Skull is sent face first in to Billy's cake mix machine.
Meanwhile, Rita plans her own way of crashing their party.
Finster is creating the Knasty Knight, who was used on Tarmac 3. It made space dust out of their finest warrior.
Zack shows up looking for the others, while everyone hides and Ernie pretends to be there alone.
Finster, Baboo and Squat prepare to create a sword for the Knasty Knight.
Rita casts a spell making the Knasty Knight's weapon nearly indestructable.
The Knasty Knight prepares for his battle against the Power Rangers.
At school, Zack tries to hint about his birthday, but Kimberly makes him think everyone forgot.
Zack is bummed about everyone forgetting his birthday and heads off by himself.
Rita makes it clear that she hasn't forgotten his birthday, and sends down the Knasty Knight as a present.
The Black Ranger battles against the Knasty Knight, but is quickly overpowered.
Zordon has Alpha 5 alert the other Rangers to the situation.
Jason and the other Rangers are on their way.
The other Rangers show up to help Zack against the Knasty Knight.
After the Knight fries their weapons, they combine the power of their Blade Blasters.
However, the Knasty Knight just reflects it back at them.
Rita makes the Knight grow, and he is even too strong for the Megazord.
The Megazord recharges the Power Sword and reflects the Knasty Knight's own energy back at it, destroying him.
Later, Zack shows up to his surprise party.
Zack is psyched that everyone remembered his birthday after all.
Zack joins in on the party and everyone dances.
While Billy and Ernie try to stop Billy's machine.
  • Ernie mentions that the Power Rangers could do for Angel Grove what Batman has done for Gotham City. Does this mean Batman exists in the Power Rangers Universe. I'd most likely expect to see the 60's Batman.
  • Zack shows up at the Youth Center looking for the others when it was closed and everone has to rush to clean everything up. Doesn't Ernie believe in locking the doors?
  • Just to add to the interesting Power Rangers Universe tidbits. The Knasty Knight was used on Tarmac 3, and he made space dust out of its finest warrior.