Power Ranger Punks
Airdate: September 20, 1993

The Rangers are enjoying a game of volleyball in the park.
Meanwhile Baboo creates a special punk potion.
The Putties show up to distract the Rangers.
While Baboo pours the potion into their drinks.
Exhausted from the fight, Kimberly and Billy drink up, and they knock all the other drinks off the table.
Kimberly and Billy cop an attitude with the other Rangers and storm off.
Rita is happy with the way things are going, and Baboo tries to get her to thank him.
The next day at school, Billy and Kimberly show up dressed as punks and haggle some kid for his lunch money.
Billy even shows up Bulk, and Kimberly gets a date with Skull.
Zordon and Alpha 5 are alerted to the situation.
They teleport Billy and Kimberly into a containment field.
Zordon informs the other Rangers of the Singing Squash that he located in a dimensional gap before he was trapped in a timewarp.
But Rita sends the Terror Toad to Earth, and they are forced to deal with the threat.
The Terror Toad swallows the Yellow Ranger.
Meanwhile, Alpha 5 goes after the Singing Squash and uses it to escape the Putties that Rita sends to stop him.
The Terror Toad then swallows the Black Ranger.
Alpha gives Billy and Kimberly the antidote to the punk potion, restoring them to normal.
Billy and Kimberly watch the viewing globe that Jason is in trouble.
The Blue and Pink Rangers join the Red Ranger in fighting Terror Toad.
Terror Toad swallows the Blue and Red Rangers as well.
The Pink Ranger fires her Power Bow at the monster's neck.
The other Rangers are released from the Terror Toad's belly.
The Pink Ranger fires her Power Bow one last time at the monster.
The Terror Toad is destroyed.
Later, Bulk and Skull show up for Skull to collect on his date with Kimberly. She is repulsed.
Bulk and Skull challenge the Rangers to a game of volleyball, but get a little too wrapped up in the game.
  • Zordon's true appearence is revealed in the flashback on the viewing globe where he battles the Putties. This is one time footage of the mentor of the Zyurangers.
  • Terror Toad was used before on Salsurus 7.
  • Last episode, we had a kid running off with strangers. This time we have Baboo drugging the Rangers' drinks.
  • Punk Kimberly was hot. Now I remember why I was always in love with her during MMPR.