Peace, Love And Woe
Airdate: September 21, 1993

The Rangers are hanging out at the Youth Center, when Bulk accidently trips onto a skateboard.
He goes skating out of control into Ernie who is carrying a cake. He kicks him and Skull out until they can pay.
"Piece of cake!" Rita exclaims as she insists she needs another monster.
The other Rangers ask Billy who he's going to the dance with, but he doesn't have a date.
On his way out, Billy runs into Marge a girl with the same fascination for science as Billy.
Billy picks up the neckalace that Marge dropped and puts it back around her neck for her.
The other Rangers try to talk Billy into asking Marge to the dance, but she beats him to it. They decide to meet later in the park.
Meanwhile, Rita summons the evil Madame Woe, who has the ability to send people into another dimension.
Rita sends Madame Woe to Earth to capture one of the Rangers who will be at the park.
Marge arrives on schedule at the park and waits for Billy.
Madame Woe shows up and mistakes Marge for a Power Ranger, sending her into her dimension.
Marge finds herself trapped inside the other dimension and screams for help.
Billy shows up looking for Marge, but only finds her neckalace.
Within seconds, Billy finds himself surrounded by Putties.
Billy contacts the other Rangers and they come running to his rescue.
Back at the Command Center, Zordon informs the Rangers that Madame Woe has Marge.
The Rangers allow themselves to be sent into Madame Woe's dimension in order rescue Marge.
The Rangers try to fend off Madame Woe, but she's too powerful.
As Zordon instructed, the Power Rangers combine their Power Coins into one so that the Blue Ranger can hold the power of the entire team.
The Blue Ranger uses the extensive Dino Power to bring Madame Woe back to our dimension, where he fights her.
By crushing the gem on Madame Woe's forhead, the others are able to escape from her dimension.
The Power Rangers team is reunited, and they form the Power Blaster.
Madame Woe is finally destroyed.
Marge thanks the Power Rangers for saving her.
Later, Marge tells Billy about how the Power Rangers rescued her and how she's always been partial to blue.
Bulk and Skull disguise their way back into the Youth Center, and after Bulk pays Ernie from the money in his sock, he passes out into another cake.
  • Zordon has the Power Rangers combine their Power Coins so that the Blue Ranger can carry the power of the entire team. This is much like the Triassic Ranger, who draws power from other Rangers' Dino Gems. Also the Blue Ranger was able to travel between dimensions, just like the Triassic Ranger. Both using Dino Power and Tricera-like Rangers. Also interesting to note that Madame Woe used a gem. I wonder if there's any connection to the Dino Gems.
  • Madame Woe would make a good canidate to appear in Mystic Force.
  • Ernie ends up with cake all over himself twice in one episode. Oh, and Ernie please don't ever dance again. Rita's "Piece of cake!", line gave me a chuckle.