Foul Play In The Sky - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Foul Play In The Sky
Airdate: September 22, 1993

Kimberly plans to flying with her Uncle Steve.
Meanwhile, Zack tries to ask out a girl named Angela, but she gives him the cold shoulder.
Rita has sent Squat to put a sleeping potion into Uncle Steve's drink.
As Kimberly and her uncle are getting ready to take off Bulk and Skull talk them into letting them come for the ride.
The plane gets in the air, when it begins heading downwards.
Kimberly notices her uncle has fallen asleep at the wheel.
Rita uses this oppurtunity to have Finster create the Snizzard.
Bulk and Skull begin to panic and pass out from fear.
Kimberly contacts Alpha 5 for help.
Alpha instructs her how to land the plane.
Zordon summons the other Rangers to inform them of Rita's new monster.
As Kimberly tries to land the plane, the Rangers must fight at less than full stregnth.
The Rangers morph into action, "It's Morphin' Time!"
The four Power Rangers battle against the Snizzard.
The Snizzard seems to be too much for the Rangers to handle without Kimberly.
The Snizzard wraps the Rangers up with snakes that are draining their energy.
Alpha is frantic and informs Kimberly that the Rangers are in trouble.T
Kimberly finally lands the plane just in time for Uncle Steve to wake up and bring it to a stop.
Kimberly runs off to join the battle.
The Pink Ranger arrives on the scene to save the day.
Snizzard sends Putties for the Pink Ranger to deal with.
The Pink Ranger beats them and saves the other Rangers.
The Pink Ranger uses the Power Bow to destroy the Snizzard.
Bulk and Skull wake up and run away.
Later at the Youth Center, Kimberly brags about landing the plane.
Bulk and Skull show up just in time to get some drinks sent flying on to their heads.
  • Uncle Steve is played by Doug Sloan, the vetran writer/producer of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers through Power Rangers Turbo and executive producer of Power Rangers Ninja Storm and Power Rangers Dino Thunder. He also was the voice of Prince Gasket from Power Rangers Zeo.
  • Snizzard is the first monster that was destroyed by indivisual Ranger's weapon.
  • There is a flashback of "Day of the Dumpster", when Kimberly is flying over the mountains.