Dark Warrior
Airdate: September 28, 1993

Trini's Uncle Howard is a professor who just completed his invisibility potion.
Meanwhile at the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull lose all their change to the arcade machines.
Looking for more change, they hit up Billy, but doesn't have any to spare.
Bulk and Skull pick Billy up and throw him in the trash.
Rita orders Finster to create a monster that can steal the invisibility potion.
Billy has just re-enrolled in Jason's karate class. Trini tells Billy about her Uncle Howard who is also a legend in martial arts.
Trini introduces Uncle Howard and thinks maybe he could teach Billy some moves.
Meanwhile, Goldar and the other henchmen break into Uncle Howard's lab looking for the potion, but without success.
Finster's new creation - the Dark Warrior suggests kidnapping Uncle Howard and force him to reveal the location of the potion.
In the park, Uncle Howard teaches Billy to center himself.
The Putties show up and begin to attack.
The Putties kidnap Uncle Howard and carry him away.
The Dark Warrior demands that Uncle Howard reveal the location of the potion before the bomb goes off, but he can't remember where he put it.
Meanwhile at the Youth Center, Trini is sent a message that if she ever wants to see her uncle again, to bring the potion to the parkt.
Zordon informs the Rangers of the Dark Warrior's plan and Uncle Howard's location.
The Rangers teleport right outside the cave and are ambushed by Putties. They make their way through.
Once inside the cave, Billy uses his mental training to defuse the bomb.
The Rangers free Uncle Howard from the cave.
The Rangers morph and teleport to the park to battle agains the Dark Warrior.
Once the Dark Warrior is made giant, the Rangers form the Megazord to destroy the monster.
Rita is furious and punishes her henchmen for another failure.
Jason presents Billy with the yellow belt in karate class.
But that doesnt stop Bulk and Skull from bothering Billy.
Uncle Howard finds his invisibility potion and decides that those punks need to be taught a lesson.
Uncle Howard turns invisible and roughts up Bulk and Skull.
Billy suggests they might want to think about centering their mental energy.
  • I find it difficult to believe that with all of the magic Rita has at her disposal, she needed to steal a scientific invisibility potion.
  • Skull seems to have the fashion sense of a Nazi.
  • Uncle Howard must have centered himself at Dunkin Doughnuts.