Switching Places
Airdate: October 04, 1993

Squat crosses the wires on Billy's invention in hopes to scatter his brain.
Billy introduces Kimberly to his mind reading invention, but something seems to have gone wrong with it.
Kimberly and Billy have switched brains.
Meanwhile, Baboo and Squat release a Genie from the magic lamp from K9-4 of the Wolfsed Galaxy.
Bulk and Skull try out the invention as well and their brains are swapped also.
At school, Billy as Kimberly tries to apply makeup.
Meanwhile, Kimberly as Billy tries to work a computer.
Billy tries show off Kimberly's cooking skills, but it only blows up in his face.
As the computer blows up in Kimberly's face.
Billy and Kimberly are at each other's throats for messing up their lives.
Things have taken a weirder turn as Skull pigs out and Bulk acts like his lackey.
Zordon detects the magic lamp and has the Rangers bring it back to the Command Center.
The Rangers are teleported to the park and retrieve the lamp.
But now they have to battle the Genie who was once inside it.
The Genie uses his magical attacks against the Power Rangers.
Rita grows and begins to taunt the Power Rangers.
The Power Rangers watch as Rita uses her magic power on the Genie.
The Genie grows into a giant in order to crush the Rangers.
The Power Rangers assemble the Megazord to battle the Genie.
The Genie proves to be too powerful for even the Megazord to stop.
Meanwhile in the Command Center, Alpha 5 uses the teleportation system to get rid of the magic lamp.
With the magic lamp gone, the Genie disappears as well.
Rita has a giant headache.
Later, Billy fixes his invention and he and Kimberly switch back their brains.
Bulk and Skull come forward and ask to have their brains switched back as well.
Skull asks to borrow Billy's brain for his math test on Monday. Some people never learn.
  • It'd be nice if they made a reference to the Genie in Mystic Force as the sixth Ranger is supposed to have one at his disposal.
  • The Genie must have been really powerful if zapping the lamp could've destroyed the Morphing Grid, which is shown here as the Rangers don't truely stand a chance against him.
  • I'd like to know what Kimberly did as Billy to blow up that computer.