Green with Evil, Part 2
Airdate: October 06, 1993

At the Command Center, the Rangers work hard to get things back in order.
Rita commands Finster to summon the Sword of Darkness to control the Green Ranger permanently.
Tommy runs into Bulk and Skull in the alley who are upset that he made fools out of them at school.
Tommy uses his Power Coin to make his eyes glow green and shoot lasers out of them.
As Bulk and Skull run away, they end up head first in a dumpster.
Tommy tosses his Power Coin in the air as it flashes green.
The next day at school, Kimberly wonders why Tommy never showed up at the Youth Center.
Tommy gets in Kimberly's face and tells her she's not the center of everyone's universe. PWNED!
Rita and her henchmen show up on Earth to present Tommy with the Sword of Darkness.
First Tommy must prove himself against the Putties.
Tommy owns the Putties.
Tommy is presented with the Sword of Darkness.
At school, Jason tells Tommy that he has to cancel their workout. Tommy comments that he understands.
When Jason turns his back, Tommy uses his Power Coin to teleport Jason to another dimension.
Jason soon finds himself all alone in a Dark Dimension.
He soon finds himself confronted by Goldar.
As Jason goes for his Power Morpher, he realizes that Goldar has gotten his hands on it.
As the other Rangers try to find Jason, they are alerted to more trouble.
Goldar taunts Jason as he is even unable to contact the other Rangers.
The Green Ranger appears on the viewing globe in the Command Center wanting to finish the Power Rangers.
The Green Ranger takes down the four remaining Rangers with ease.
The Green Ranger uses his Sword of Darkness against the other Rangers.
However this time, the Rangers somehow form the Megazord to reflect his attack.
The Green Ranger then swears that they haven't seen the last of him.
Meanwhile, the other Rangers try to bring back Zordon and during a short but staticy transmission, Zordon says they must defeat the Green Ranger.
Meanwhile, Goldar says he's finished toying with Jason and it's time to put an end to his life.
  • The Sword of Darkness was used thousands of years ago to defeat Zordon's strongest warriors.
  • How were the other Rangers able to summon the Tyrannosaurus to form the Megazord without the Red Ranger?
  • Even by today's standards, it's safe to say that Tommy as the evil Green Ranger is the greatest evil Ranger in the history of Power Rangers.