Itsy Bitsy Spider
Airdate: October 12, 1993

Billy and Trini are getting people to sign a petition to save the Forest Spirit Statue in the park.
As Bulk and Skull release a taranchala from its cage.
The spider sends everyone into a panic - especially Zack. He's extremely afraid of spiders.
Meanwhile, Rita's henchmen are sent to steal the Forest Spirit Statue from the park.
Billy is showing off his "lab assistant" a mouse named Stewart when Bulk and Skull show up to start more trouble.
Stewart gets loose and ends in Skulls clothes, which drives him into the arms of Bulk.
While Finster tries figure out what to do with the statue, Rita has plans for a replacement and has him create a monster.
Rita sends Spidertron - Finster's latest monster to hide inside her new replacement statue.
Kimberly, Trini, Jason and Billy go searching in the woods for in search of bugs for science class since Bulk and Skull release the others ones.
Their expedition is cut short by an unexpected visit from the Putties.
Meanwhile, Zack is teaching a group of kids Hip Hop Kido in the park.
When Zack steps away to get a CD from his car, the kids are swarmed by Rita's moths, which emit a sleep dust.
When Zack returns, he alerts Zordon and Alpha of the situation.
Zack runs to the statue in hopes of getting away from the bugs, when he realizes the statue is a fake.
Zack morphs into the Black Ranger and uses his Power Axe to destroy the fake statue.
After destroying the statue, the Black Ranger finds himself contronted by the Spidertron.
Zordon sends the other Rangers to help him out, but Rita sends Goldar in also.
Rita uses her magic wand to make the Spidertron grow.
The Rangers form the Megazord to face off against Spidertron. Spidertron captures it a web.
Zordon contacts Tommy and informs him of the situation.
The Green Ranger summons the Dragonzord and it ends up in the same situation.
The Rangers then form the Mega Dragonzord to take care of business.
Zack, Billy, and Trini pilot the Mega Dragonzord.
The Mega Dragonzord uses the Dragon Staff to destroy the Spidertron.
Trini and Billy inform the others that the statue was returned and their petition convinced the city council not to tear it down.
Tommy freaks Zack out with a rubber spider.
  • This is the first time that the Mega Dragonzord is used in battle.
  • Two Bulk and Skull antics in less than five minutes. That's like a record. I think this is the first episode they didn't get food all over themselves.
  • Finster says that the Moon Palace has a dining room.